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I woke up earlier than I wanted to, but still lounged around for a while. I finally went over to peek and see if Mon was up, which she was, so we started our day. "Starting the day" at 9:30am PST meant "start drinking." And that we did. Although we thought it through enough to bring everything we'd need and drink in the car once we got there, so that was hilarious. Jen called me to ask about the train tomorrow and tell me something, and after a while said something like, "sorry to ramble, you're probably busy." My reply was, "I'm at SeaWorld and I'm kinda drunk!" This was 10:25am PST. It was a lot of fun.

We did the Atlantis ride, which is a small water rollercoaster. Having been to Six Flags recently, it was dissapointing considering Superman is fresh in my mind, but I was also drunk, so that was more exciting. I took some pictures of the animals, we did the Shamu show and rode a rapid's ride thing, not as good as the one at Six Flags, but we were SOAKED. After that, we got ready for the dolphin show, where any dry part of us would be erased by the "soak zone" from the dolphins, which were cute, but had dangerous flippers. There was a cute little girl who didn't mind jumping in the water, but I'll explain that in person if someone cares.

After SeaWorld, I took a much needed shower, and then walked to Garnet. It is the street parallel to the one everyone lives on, but it's filled with shops/bars/restaurants. I bought a few presents for people, and a scary man in a truck honked at me and then yelled when I didn't look over. Very exciting. Once I got back and everyone was home from work, we had dinner and then decided to have Taco Tiki Taquilla Tuesday, sans the Taco and the Tiki. Mon taught me how to do a taquilla shot, as I never had, and it tasted so shitty I chased it with Malibu each time. Apparently, this type of thing makes one a hero.

Senor Jose caught up with us, Kman and I called Jim, and then decided we needed beer. We went to Valero and I bought a six pack of Coors Light. Kman and I sat outside for a bit, talking with Jim, and then all the stuff inside settled down and everyone thought it was best if we went to bed.
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