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So this morning I woke up, and later Kman and I discussed the circumstances of me falling asleep. They happened to be this: When we got home, I was still pretty drunk. I took my contacts out and changed into some PJs, but I didn't feel well enough to lie down. I knew I wasn't going to throw up, but I couldn't really lay down. We watched some Futurama, and I remember Kman turning it off, but that's the last thing I remember. I woke up a few hours later, at 3:34a, sitting up. It was as if I was sitting on the couch and watching TV, but completely asleep. When I brought it up to Kman this morning, he told me he woke up to pee at 2:00a, saw the light was still on, and came out to see if he could turn the light off, but then saw me sleeping like that. He actually couldn't even tell if I was asleep until he got a lot closer. As he said, whenever he sees people pass out, they're usually slumped over, but I was sitting straight up, arms at my side, with my glasses still on. All day long, and even as I write this, we'd just start laughing thinking about it, hahaha! I bet my mom's reallllll proud of me!

Anyway, we ate a hearty breakfast, Tiff left for work, then Kman and I hit the road for Anaheim to see the Angels. The drive up the 5 was nice, it was funny to see areas closer to Anaheim that I already knew, and the ride was a lot quicker than we thought, so that was key. Parking was 8 dollars, and they have enough for everyone. What a foreign concept! Of course, because it's anywhere but Fenway, we got tickets day-of for 33 dollars in the club section. I think this is similar to Fenway's Paviliion, where you need a ticket in that section to even get there, and they come around and take food/drink orders and deliver it to you! It was rediculously hot in the sun, so we walked around for a bit, and ended up sitting a few rows back from our own seats. This worked out well because we met some fun guys. They were mad that I hated football, but got over it once they saw my program filled out with concise score keeping. Two of the guys had kids that were 3 years old, and they were cousins. Lantis (or Landis?) came up to me, and when I asked him what his name was, he put his hand on the other kids shoulder, introduced him as "dis is my cousin" and I asked "what is his name?" he replied "uh, I dunno!" We liked that. Then one of the guys told his son to "say hi to the pretty lady." Kman told me thats just how people are, but I'm used to people being creepy in Boston, so I was weirded out.

We ate hotdogs and nachos, and I DRANK TWO BEERS.. Do you even believe it? The Angels won, but it was a close game with a lot of really weird plays, including Halliday getting hit by a line drive in the first and coming out, and Glaus being ejected after being called out on strikes. Actually, the most fun thing was the first time Lind came up. I don't think I know him, but he was the Jay's DH. He was batting .385, with 0 HRs and 1 RBI. Why he was DH was beyond me, so I said that whole thing to Kman. First pitch, what do you know, he hits a home run! I was so excited, that I cheered for him, and everyone turned around and stared at me. I just pointed to my Sox hat and told them I had to cheer for my division, and to get over it, because it's the Jay's and they'd lose anyway. The guys infront of us had heard me say he'd never had a HR, so we had a good laugh about that.

After the game, we headed back to SD, passing the worlds greatest sign. It's yellow, saying CAUTION at the top, with a man, woman, and child running. It's commonly referred to as "the mexican crossing sign" which is just amazing.

We passed some time watching football, picked up Tiff from work, then headed to the girl's hotel for swimming. The hottub and pool felt great, although Kman and I had already been sitting in the sun all day, so it just made us more tired. It was pretty late and were all exhausted, so Kman and Tiff got some IN-N-OUT and I made a box of mac and cheese and we called it an early night.
vances says:
That sign is compelling ---> you should submit it to the PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST at --- could be fun!
Posted on: Sep 12, 2006
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