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After a crazy night downtown, we slept in a whole lot, abandoning Kman's plan to cook breakfast for us. I walked to the groccery store which takes forever because you can only cross the street at cross walks and when the light says so, as in DC, the south, etc. I try to be very good about things like that, but my Massachusetts 'just cross when you want' mentality kicks in a lot. Tiff cooked a great breakfast instead, Kman got over his hangover, and we finally got on our way to the San Diego zoo.

The zoo was great. Kyle and Tiff have season passes, and that comes with free passes for guests, so the Free San Diego Zoo was even better! We saw all the typical things, monkeys, lions, gazelles, elephants for sale, etc... There was a little adorable girl we were following around that would yell "WAKE UP PIGGGGYYY" at the top of her lungs, which always made us laugh. None of the animals were procreating (or even attempting) so apparently I missed out on what Kyle and Tiff see every time they go, hahaah.

After the zoo, we drove to downtown SD and went to a mall to get a quick bite. Its so weird, the food court is open and outside, which is such a foreign concept to me! We walked around downtown a bit, then went to the Hustler Store, which was pretty provactive, but funny.

With one more quick driving tour of the neighboring Coranado, and the beautiful houses and people there, we came back to the apartment, got ready to go out again, and went to Moni and LoLo's hotel room. (Yes, they live next door, but the ex bf drama has them in a hotel until he gets on a plane Monday.)

We drank in the room a bit, walked to the rediculously expensive hotel restaurant, and then decided it was too expensive, so we went to another place in town. It was a lot of fun. Moni is hilarious. I ate some kind of chicken pesto wrap, and we decided to call my dad really late to tell him he was "pretty chill" and "the man." Smart thinking to call his cell phone, rather than the house, "really late" plus three hours! We made our way back to the hotel eventually and decided we were all too tired to go out to bars after dinner, so we went back to the apartment. You can find out what happened once we got back to the apartment in tomorrow's entry...
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San Diego
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