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So then we went next door to Venice Beach, which is nothing short of amazing. James' parents live one street up from the beach, and I got to see first-hand the renovations they are making. These were only plans and initial stages when I was out a year ago, so it was great to see all of the progress! John, James' father, took me up to the top of the house, which is something like four stories up, to see the roof-top deck they've made. It's AMAZING. The back yard will also have a standard-sized lap pool, which leads from the main house to the garage, which will have a rental unit house on the top of it. As John gave me the tour, he said "and this is your room" every time he mentioned the "guest part" of the house. I threatened Mary and John that when the house was finished, and I bought a plane ticket to see it, I wouldn't be buying a returning ticket.

We chatted with Mary for a while, who looked great. She was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer about a month ago, but has made great progress and recovery, and John says the doctors expect a full recovery. She's quite the pistol, pardon me for using such a lame expression, but she's really and truely hilarious, so we had a lot of good laughs. After that, we walked along Venice Beach, which is covered with dirty hippies and old men on skateboards. You can get anything from a henna and/or real tattoo, to political propaganda, to little wooden bobble animals [I got a turtle to replace the one I lost in Winky], to just plain seeing some guy, sitting on the curb with a sign saying "WILL WORK 4 WEED."

Speaking of old dudes on skateboards, James thought it was necessary in his old age to buy a skateboard recently, so as you can imagine, he looks like quite the cool kid zooming down Speedway on his 'board.
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photo by: LiLeBoo