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I had a nice, quiet morning of crocheting and Harry Potter listening. Monika and I had planned for a day of drinking on the beach, but we ended up getting a late start, so we did her laundry. Inbetween the washing, we went to IHOP for second breakfastes, and then while it was drying, we went for a nice long walk on PB. Karen called me to tell me she'd gotten engaged last night, so that was exciting. It was really nice to relax and just catch up with Mon, so that was a lot of fun.<br><br>

After all of that, Mon went to work and I hung out a bit at the apartment. Harry Potter and my baby blanket were entertaining until LoLo came back. She was lucky enough (or had to since her key was with Tiff?) to hang out with me for a while before meeting her friends for a pedi/dinner. Tiff got home, plans changed a bunch of times, Kman had to work late, but finally Mon made it back, LoLo came back from dinner, and the four girls got in the car to meet Kman for dinner. <br><br>

We met Kman at Freds Taco Place, even though that's probably not the name, but it was worth the wait! I order a Malibu "on the rocks" at the suggestion of everyone who thought I was very drunk. Five icecubes weren't going to help sober me up, but I did it anyway. After a not-enough-chips night, we went back to the apartment, hung out for a while, had some good laughs, and went to sleep. <br><br> Tomorrow, drunken SeaWorld.
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