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First thing I made my way to the Thai Consulate to put in my visa application.  I’d been marginally stressing that the form wouldn’t be in English so would have translation nightmares, but thankfully the whole process was really easy.  I just had to wait a couple of days before picking it up.

I then went back to Miyun and the rest of the day was pretty easy.  I had 1 class and only 5 students turned up due to exams. 

The next couple of days were quite fun....I had my first really good teachers activity.  We discussed celebrity culture and Western magazines.  They loved looking through the magazines I had and we had quite a giggle.  Half way through the session, a male teacher turned up with a video camera to film us, which was quite surreal.

I only had one evening class which was good fun – I made it all about Christmas, so we spent pretty much the whole time playing games.  I gave a load of sweets out at the end of the lesson – I’d never seen such a bunch of animals trying to grab at the bag.  It’s like they’d been starved for weeks!!

My Thursday evening class was cancelled so I was looking forward to a chill night at home.  I got comfy in my pjs and sat down to watch a film with Inga, when the doorbell went.  We ignored it, but it rung again.....and again and again.....

I couldn’t ignore it any longer so went to the door to discover, Benedict, the student from Grade 3 with a massive crush on Inga.  He came bearing Christmas gifts and ice-cream so I didn’t feel I could turn him away.  She’d suspected it would be him so had hidden in her room, and I was left in my pjs and slippers to try to get rid of him of quickly as possible.

He clearly didn’t care he’d come unannounced and at an inconvenient time...He simply made himself comfortable on the sofa looking like he expected to spend the rest of the evening there. Inga eventually emerged feeling guilty she’d left me to deal with him – we were both just really annoyed our quiet night with a film had been disturbed.

He must have been marginally upset because he’d come expecting to find Inga on her own as I should have had the evening class.  Clearly the two tubs of ice-cream he’d brought were meant for him and Inga to enjoy together – or so he thought in his warped mind.

After entertaining him for what seemed like long enough, I managed to come up with an excuse to get him to leave.  I told him I was expecting a call and needed to use the living room in private, but even then he didn’t get the message so I actually had to ask him to go – really embarrassing.

Anyhow, the embarrassment didn’t last long and at last Friday arrived... In the afternoon I made my way into Beijing as I needed to pick up my passport...

When I got to the Thai Consulate it was shut despite the advertised hours claiming it should be open.  I desperately needed my passport back as it’s not possible to stay anywhere in China without showing it when you check-in, so I had vision of me spending the whole weekend alone in Miyun!

After banging on the door and phoning, I eventually managed to catch the attention of someone who was still in the office, who happily let me in to retrieve it.

Passport safely in my bag, I made my way over to the Sleepy Inn to begin Christmas celebrations with the Beijing crew.

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photo by: lizharvey79