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The students had exams this week so my classes were really at a minimum, which pleased me no end.

The media equipment failed me in the one class I had to give, so instead of taking the lazy option of showing a movie, I had to wing a lesson I’d not prepared.  Much to my amazement it turned out really well.  I picked music as the subject which mainly involved me prancing around at the front of the class like a loon to various different tracks on my itunes.  The students loved it because it involved very little effort on their part, they got to have a laugh AT me whilst listening to some music – the quality of which is debatable given my self-confessed rubbish taste.

Clearly the success of the lesson filled me with enough confidence to seek Mr Guo out to have stern words with him over his readiness to cut mine and Inga’s salaries should he see fit.... Clearly Chinese employment is a very one-way thing.  There are meagre benefits and no extra pay or incentives for additional work.  Therefore, if you fall ill, your money is cut, but equally, if you work an extra 5 hours, it is not taken into consideration should you need an hour off here and there.  I was particularly annoyed that Inga had had her money cut for being ill, despite the fact that I covered her classes for no extra pay, and we’d both given a fair amount of extra time to students, above and beyond our contracts – definitely a very one-way relationship in my eyes with no concept of give and take...

I was quite impressed he didn’t dismiss my case out of hand, but told me he would try to get us some extra cash.  I knew his efforts, if indeed he made any at all, would be futile, but at least I’d said my piece.

I decided to head into Beijing on Thursday to check out a new shopping mall I’d yet to visit.  Couldn’t believe this one had passed me by all these months – there was a Zara and a Mango!  I even managed to pick up a new dress for New Year’s Eve which was exciting.

After dinner at my fav place at Houhai Lake (Unique Space) I spent the night at the Sleepy Inn as I was heading off for my second trip to Hangzhou in the morning.

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photo by: lizharvey79