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Kevin, Matt, me (in stripes), and AJ in front of Kata Tjuta/The Olgas.

In Uluru National Park (I think that's what it was called) there's also a bunch of similarly big rocks called Kata Tjuta, or, the Olgas. There's a walk you can do through them called the Valley of the Winds. It's quite a nice walk, but bring your fly net. In fact, if you haven't got one at this point, you're nuts. And your tolerance must be unimaginably great. The thing about Australian flies is that they don't just land on you once. They land on you, on the exact same spot (usually near a nostril or some other orifice) again and again and again. They just don't quit!! If there's one thing you don't want to bring home its a fly from the Northern Territory. And no, fly spray doesn't do a thing.

Anyway. The walk is nice you should do that. When we got back to Yulara, Matt and I did a camel ride.

Sounds like a thing a kid would do, but you go through bits of the desert around Uluru that you aren't usually allowed to. It's just really nice. The sand is really, really red here. Its loose and duney, and you get all the plant and animal life explained to you. All with Uluru as a backdrop. It's just a good thing to do, AJ and Kevin I think mildly regretted not coming.

We then stopped at some place to watch the sun set. I... I was a little bit disappointed. You read a lot of things about how it changes colour dramatically during sunset and sunrise. It does. Change colour that is. But I dunno about dramatically. It changes colour, as any other rock or surface would at the time of a sunset. Still, it's Uluru, you can't complain.

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Kevin, Matt, me (in stripes), and …
Kevin, Matt, me (in stripes), and…
Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta
Kata Tjuta, Valley of the Winds
Kata Tjuta, Valley of the Winds
photo by: siri