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Hi again! I’m trying to be more diligent about updates since I’m not travelling with the tour group anymore, and I know some of you are worry-warts (i.e. mum).


Tomorrow, I’m getting a transfer to Lake Kariba, which is north-east of Livingstone. I’m planning to stay at Lake Kariba for three nights; I’m not certain yet, but apparently they’re quite flexible. So if I’m not in contact for a bit more than three days, don’t worry because it’s likely I’ll just have just extended my stay. Either way I’ll be back in Zambia by 4 December, probably sooner.


I had a good day today. Last night, the dorm room was stinking hot; so I woke up early, chilled out outside, paid for a nice and cheap brekkie before heading to the local markets to buy a bag. The market was a local one, so it didn’t sell any touristy junk. They sold mostly shoes, bags, car bits and stuff like that. There was food for sale as well: weird nuts and small dried fish. Once the shop owners figured out I was looking for a bag, about seven people started running all over the market trying to find the type of bag I was after. (I needed one to put all my loose things into - right now I’m using about 10 plastic bags). I found one in the end, and it cost about US$5. I think the people were excited to help me because I was the only mazungu in the market. Well, actually, I don’t know if mazungu is the right word, because I’m not white, technically.


Anyway, when I was done at the market I washed some clothes, then visited the tourist market where I bumped into Fernando again. We went to the supermarket to buy a torch (the one I brought with me from Australia is crap), and we visited the campsite Fernando was staying at. We relaxed there for a while, then said goodbye for the third time.


I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant with a Scottish girl called Angie, who I met at the backpacker’s I’m staying at. The food was OK. It was a strange restaurant. There were a few locals there, but none who were eating. And there was a kid who kept offering us sweets and then hitting us. Charming.


OK, that’s all for now! It’s a hot day. Bye!


Oh yeah, and I uploaded more photos to Facebook - only a few, though!

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photo by: sarahsan