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Home sweet home! Me with my boyfriend, who waited very patiently for my return!

After 25 hours of flying and waiting at airports, I’m back in Melbourne, finally. Christmas sort of flew out the window for me since it was Christmas morning when I left Cape Town and the end of Boxing Day when I arrived in Melbourne – oh well.


If missing Christmas one year was the price I had to pay for seeing Africa, then it was worth it. Africa was everything I hoped it would be. I hope you had as much fun reading my blog as I have had writing it.


A few readers have already told me I’m crazy! It’s not exactly the reaction I was going for. I expected people to say “Wow, Africa, eh? Brave girl...” Instead the only response I’ve gotten is “She’s crazy and stupid”. Wonderful! I’ll have to use this blog entry to explain myself…


The crocodile fascination:

Some readers seem to think I signed up for crocodile research asking for trouble.

I wasn’t looking for battle scar opportunities. Crocodiles are apex predators, and studying them gives researchers a feel for the overall health of an ecosystem. So crocodile research seemed like a worth while thing to help out with.


The shark fascination:

When I was shark watching in South Africa, I never felt like the boat was going to be attacked by a giant shark. Come on, people. That’s movie material. The shark we saw was scared of the boat.


That behaviour doesn’t tally with the accusation that shark diving companies train sharks to associate humans with food either. The sharks weren’t exactly lining up to snack on us: we were at sea for four hours, and in the last 20 minutes, we saw a single shark.


The predator fascination:

A lot of people don’t understand why I like predators.

They think predators are mean and ugly. But sometimes we forget humans are predators too; probably the worst kind, in fact. Crocodiles eat to stay alive. It’s the same with sharks. But some people kill just for the sake of it. Just some food for thought.


The solo female traveller fascination:

Travelling solo in Africa isn’t as uncommon as one might think. And as long as you use common sense and keep your wits, you should be fine.



Hitching a ride on a coal truck wasn’t planned, but it doesn’t mean I hadn’t given it any thought before. I’d been told by people who’d travelled around the region for a few months that nobody recommends hitching, but Botswana is the only country where that rule is an exception.


Anyway, if anyone reading this is heading to Africa and wants to ask anything – anything at all – send me a message! I love questions. If you’re reading this because you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing about going to Africa, go! It will exceed your expectations.

alanmica says:
well said.
Posted on: May 23, 2007
Eric says:
Good to know about white sharks, hopefully they wont eat me while surfing :P
Posted on: Jan 31, 2007
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Home sweet home! Me with my boyfri…
Home sweet home! Me with my boyfr…
photo by: jendara