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Hi All
In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia now with half a day to go til i go back to singapore for Chinese new year. Langkawi was nice, we spent our second day there giong around on a rented motorbike, trying to squeeze in every sight we could. we went to a crocodile farm, a bird park which was good, and a handicraft centre which was not very good and a 'black sand beach' although we couldn't find the black sand... i dragged al horse riding which was nice cos it was half in the 'jungle' and half on the beach. we i did a half day tour the next day which was just giong to different islands and feeding eagles and things.
leaving langkawi we took the ferry to kuala kedah on the west coast of Malaysia, then after minimal discussion (and after the driver basically took als money and bought us bus tickets) we were off to Butterworth, which is the town on the mainland just opposite pulau (island) Penang. Penang is really cool i like it. the food is good, CHinatown is interesting, and the water is so blue. wish we had more than half a day there but we're running out of time. the original plan was to hit the highlands, but it didn't look like it'd be worth travelling all the way there for a few hours in the mountains. besides, with Chinese New Year here, everyone seems to be travelling everywhere - people from the cities are going home, people in KL are going to singapore, people in singapore are going to KL, everyone seems to be moving so we were lucky we managed to get bus tickets everywhere.
for all you fake Louis Vuitton/Gucci/Billabong fans (actually i don't know if theres anyone apart from me who is a fan... ) there's so much fake stuff here in KL especially in CHinatown. its hard not to go a bit nuts and buy everythign haha. Al is running around moving our bags from our room since we have to check out soon to a baggage room so we can go walkies without carryig our packs. apparently theres a sunday market, so we'll check that out and hopefuly the petronas towers before bus'ing back to sing!
il'l probably see most of you soon now that the start of uni is looming. Happy Chinese New year, see u soon!!
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