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muay thai! (thai boxing)

The third email I sent out. I neglected to mention that I got hospitalised and put on the drip for a day... must have been really bad food poisoning as I could hardly walk! Anyway the reason I decided not to focus on the whole hospital escapade was because my mum was reading my emails. ha! she would have hopped on the next plane and chased me all the way home at that point if she needed to. Here's the third email:

Hello all

well back in Bangkok now i've got 3 minutes to type this. back from chiang mai which was awesome we were there for 3 days and went for a 2 day trek that had an elephant ride and river thing. scenery was really nice . going downhill in a basket on top of an elephant is interesting. we took turns riding on the elephants head which was actually a lot more comfortable cos i didn't have to sit next to al. (just kidding but it was actually much more comfortable). The rafts on the river were made of bamboo and u push them along with a longer bamboo stick. al and i were on different rafts but were both helping the guy push the raft along, except al got fired from his post half way through because he tried to push his raft into a wall. (i think he was getting anxious cos our raft was overtaking his)

the sunday market in chiang mai was good, much better than the normal night market (and apparently cheaper too). it went on for so many streets that we couldn't see the end. the train ride back was nice because they had beds. now we're back in bangkok we've been stuck here for a few days because i got a bit sick. but getting better now so next we're on to Ko Tao to finally hit some beaches. Bangkok is really hot compared to chiang mai and i haven't even really been walking around much.

well anyway al wants to use the internet and is being irritating so i have to go now - don't think theres much mre news anyway really! Thanks for your emails its good to hear from u!

I'll email soon, cya!

luv Chels

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muay thai! (thai boxing)
muay thai! (thai boxing)
photo by: Deats