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The day Hurricane Dean side swiped us

On the 3rd day we woke up to the rain and wind that we were expecting since we had arrived. The weather was still warm, though. I thought that was weird, but we were in the Caribbean.  It was raining hard! And if we opened our balcony sliding door the wind was so strong that the painting hanging on the walls would move.

  That’s some strong wind! I wanted to go to the beach and see how the ocean looked during a hurricane, which I don't think, was a very smart thing to do because of how the waves might change. But it was an interesting thing to do since it was a new experience for me.  El Nino doesn’t count!  The waves were high and rough, and there were some surfers who braved the weather and went out there. We were standing on the patio of a restaurant right on the beach. The waves were strong and high and the water was coming up to the steps. We stayed for maybe 20 minutes or so.  I have to admit that I fell in love with how the ocean changed! It was beautiful! I did capture it on pictures and also took pictures of us. My hair was all over the place! Really windy! When we were already on our way back to the room my sister shows up with Lalo, Daisy and Ariel. Like always, she is late! So we took Ariel and she stayed at the beach for a while. On the way back to the room my nieces and nephew were putting their feet in the pool, but it was raining so it wasn't like they were getting wet and weren’t supposed to.
it's raining!
The only thing I was leery of was lightning, but there wasn’t any.  Then they all of a sudden decided to jump in the water with their day clothes! Gabby wasn’t letting Alexus or Bianka do that, so I was telling her to just let them do it and have fun! I caught my niece Alexus’ eye and told her to jump in. Gabby looked at me but she let the both of them jump in. It was a fun thing for them to do, and I mean, if you cannot get them to listen, then you may as well join them and enjoy it as well. We had a good time with Dean. After they did that, other kids started getting in, too! I don’t know if their parents would like that. But they weren’t in there for a long time, maybe just about 20 minutes. The rest of the time we were either in the lobby enjoying the rain or in our room watching TV or eating cookies from the cookie store. Mmm…cookies!

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The day Hurricane Dean side swiped…
The day Hurricane Dean side swipe…
its raining!
it's raining!