Day 9: Island Hopping

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Sunrise over St. Thomas.

I awoke early to catch another sunrise over St. Thomas.  What a beautiful place this is!  Since we have already visited Magen's Bay (2004),

and done a day sail (2007), we chose to go over to St. John.  After going through immigration and getting breakfast we set off to find a taxi.

We managed to find a taxi just as a light rain began to fall.  Unfortunately, this cabbie was looking to fill her van up, so there we sat until

she was satisfied that no one else wanted to go to Red Hook to catch the ferry.  Finally, the rain stopped and we were on our way, very slowly.  Those hairpin twists and turns are a little scary, so one could understand driving slowly and carefully.  Tell that to the very large

and overbearing dump truck on our rear bumper.

Jolly Mon! We took a daysail on her last April.
  Thank goodness it turned off the road shortly afterward!  Since we missed the 9am ferry,

thanks to waiting around and the slow drive, we had to take the 10am.  My temper was stretched just a bit, but once we were on that

ferry the views certainly improved my mood.  You could see the BVI's and the color of the water was gorgeous!  After a 20 minute ferry

ride we hopped into another cab, with no delays this time, and headed to Trunk Bay.  More gorgeous views on the drive there.  We

found a place to park in a semi-shaded area on the beach, then Mom and Dad headed into the turquoise blue water!  Aren't the kids the

ones supposed to be doing this?  They are the ones laying inert in the sun and we're having a ball looking at the fish and coral.

The view from the ferry.

place might top Orient Beach, maybe.  It's a US State Park, so no beach bars, although you can get a beer at the snack bar if you want.

Lots of swimming and photographs later, we took a taxi back to Cruz Bay to shop a little bit.  The taxi ride back was in one of those open

pickup trucks with a canopy top.  This paticular taxi ride could qualify as a thrill ride at Cedar Point- The St.John's rollercoaster! Once

safely back in Cruz Bay, we visited a Spice Shop that we had read about on line to buy some hot sauce for our collection and we

browsed in a couple of jewelry stores before catching the ferry back to Red Hook.  It was our intent to find Duffy's Love Shack over in

Red Hook and eat there, but we found out there was a Hooter's now open in Charlotte Amalie.

Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI
  My guys love their wings, and I'm sure

that's all they like there-NOT!  We shared a cab back with a young man who went to the High School in Kentucky where I did my student

teaching, and his wife.  They live in the same city as my BF from college, right across the river from Cincinnati.  Hooters was pretty good

I must admit.  We headed back to the ship afterwards because we had an appointment with the future cruise consultant.  Somehow the

bag of beach towels got left behind at Hooters.  Mom-the-pack-mule-who-carries-every-bag-in-every-port thought that someone else would

be responsible and help out by grabbing it.  How can you miss a big bag of towels in a Royal Caribbean bag?  Duh!  "Oh, I thought you

had it!"   It wouldn't be polite to write here what I said in response.

The waitstaff serenades us one last time.
  I was given a credit card and told to go meet the cruise consultant and

book the next cruise while HE ran back to Hooters.  Sweet! Is there time to get off the ship to visit the new Louis Vuitton Store too? LOL! I finished getting ready(10 minutes I swear) and took a quick look off the balcony to see if I could Rob coming back.  I can see the Hooters, but no Rob yet.  I go down  3 decks to my appointment.  There sits Rob with the bag of towels.  Chariots of Fire music is playing in the

background-kidding! I bet it was playing in his head while he ran though.   He was looking a little sweaty, so he didn't have to worry about all the wings he ate earlier.  We had our meeting and booked another cruise for next spring break on the Mexican Riviera.  We'll go out of LA and visit Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto

Vallerta.  All new places for us, and two adjoining cabins so we can have 2 bathrooms.  Then, sadly, it was time for our last dinner in the beautiful Strauss Dining Room with our awesome waiters and our terrific tablemates.  We all lingered a bit, then we did have to go so they could get ready for the late seating.  The kids went off for their last night with their new friends and harem(just making sure you're paying attention) and Mom and Dad went to the Schooner Bar to play Name that Tune.  More casino donations followed, although I got greedy on a $1 slot machine.  I hit $60 then $40, but didn't quit. It all got donated away on the Pink Panther machine.... We ended the night in Jesters, the night club, before one last snack to take back for one last time to the most amazing balcony we've ever had.  This has been an absolutely

fabulous cruise.  For us, there is no vacation that comes close.  What a week we had!

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Sunrise over St. Thomas.
Sunrise over St. Thomas.
Jolly Mon!  We took a daysail on h…
Jolly Mon! We took a daysail on …
The view from the ferry.
The view from the ferry.
Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI
Trunk Bay, St. John, USVI
The waitstaff serenades us one las…
The waitstaff serenades us one la…