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Backing into the port at St.Martin.

This was our second visit to St. Martin, and we decided to go to a different beach.  Orient Beach was the obvious choice.  It is considered to

be one of the top beaches in the Caribbean.  It is also clothing optional, but that doesn't bother us.  We grabbed a taxi and went on our

way.  There were a lot of ambulances that passed us.  We soon knew why.  Major, major accident on one of those hairpin turns.  We could

see a lot, and it didn't look good.  A truck was smashed into the hill and another car was crumpled up like a soda can.  The taxi driver managed to turn us around and we went another way to the beach.  The views on this island are incredible.  You can see St. Barts, Anguilla and Saba in the distance from various points.

Look how big our ship is! Our cabin is to the right of the part of the flag.
  The first sight of Orient Beach was incredible.  This is my new favorite beach, without a doubt.

Orient Beach is loaded with beachfront bars and grills.  Baywatch had been recommended to us by several people, so we set up shop

there.  We met the owners and talked with them for a few minutes before taking a walk up toward Club O.  It took a few minutes for

us to get used to seeing people completely naked strolling around, but it wasn't offensive and it didn't bother us.  To each his own on

vacation, we say!  We also stopped in at Pedro's Beach Bar, where we found $2 Brights.  The kids had found something they wanted

to do here, so Rob took them off for a banana boat ride.  They had a blast and went really far up the coast, only turning it over

a few times, but they thought that was the best part.

Baywatch Beach Bar. I want to buy it and move there!
  I stayed behind to take pictures and to watch all our stuff.  I also went to

the Pirate because they had $4 Guavaberry Coladas.  If you could taste them, you would be as hooked on them as I am!  We stuffed

ourselves with a delicious lunch at Baywatch, and the owner brought us a piece of amazing banana-chocolate chip cake to share.

Good thing there are no more formal nights, cause the beaded dress might be too tight in the stomach area!  We had to walk some

more to burn some of those calories.  It was after our walk that the sweet, high pitched sound of girls' giggling caught my ear.

Much like the sound of a Disney movie.   It said, "Andy!  Andy!"  Apparently, the boy had a whole harem after him all week, and this was the first we heard of it, literally.

Banana Boat Ride.
  I was swimming beside some of these 13 year old young ladies, and I nearly choked on a mouth of sea water when they squealed, "Andy's getting up out of his chair!" and "He doesn't have a shirt on!".  Good stuff.  Of course, my son was incredibly

embarrassed and had to explain himself to mom and dad!  Regretfully, we packed up and headed back into Phillipsburg.  We wanted to

walk up and down the boardwalk and buy some tshirts.   After stopping for another Guavaberry Colada to go, we headed back to the ship.

We stopped when we heard someone yelling, "Ohio!" , "Canton, Ohio!"  Small world again.  My neighbor's dad was waving at us!  He and his wife were on the Celebrity ship that was in port with us.

Our Titanic Moment.
  We talked for a few minutes and then headed on back.  If we hadn't been so hot

and tired, and if we had been thinking, we should have taken pictures and had a drink with them!  Darn!  The kids went ahead to get showered for dinner and Rob and I hung around Sharky's Bar at the pier, hoping that John and Pat would walk by, but they didn't.

We got ready for dinner and went onto the bow of the ship to the helicopter pad for a family photo and for sailaway.  We're not leaving on

time for some reason.  Celebrity is hauling up their ropes and getting ready to go.  Finally, we find out why we're still sitting there.  Here

comes a family making "the run"  back to the ship.  They received a HUGE round of applause from everyone out on the AOS balconies and

on the Constellation balconies.

The Constellation leaves ahead of us.
  Our captain didn't seem to be too amused from the tone of his announcement after everyone was on board.

The Connie left, and we kept looking on her balconies for John and Pat, but no luck.  Finally, we left beautiful St. Martin.  We know we will

book another cruise that stops here.  We still have the 12 metre yacht race excursion to do someday.  Time for dinner and more casino.

We have to go to Gravity and check our Basketball Brackets too.  Mom has the highest percentage of correct picks so far!  Back to St.

Thomas tomorrow.

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Backing into the port at St.Martin.
Backing into the port at St.Martin.
Look how big our ship is! Our cabi…
Look how big our ship is! Our cab…
Baywatch Beach Bar. I want to buy
Baywatch Beach Bar. I want to buy…
Banana Boat Ride.
Banana Boat Ride.
Our Titanic Moment.
Our Titanic Moment.
The Constellation leaves ahead of …
The Constellation leaves ahead of…