Day 5: At last...back to Aruba!

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Looking toward Palm Beach.

Aruba is, without a doubt, our favorite island.  We love the heat, the beaches and everything else about it.  Can we just stay here forever?

Today's plan is to get breakfast and head out to get our rented jeep for our own sightseeing tour.  Except, Avis is not at the pier to meet

us as promised.  No one seems to know anything, and a phone call yields a lot of red-hot nothing.  Fortunately, another rental place

had a jeep for us, and without further delay, off we go.  My husband hasn't driven a stick shift for a few years, so we tootle around

Oranjestad and onto some side roads so he can get the hang of it.  We drove westward towards the California Lighthouse.  We gazed

with longing at the Tierra Del Sol golf course and gated community.....SIGH!   Up to the lighthouse for some photo ops.

The wild north coast.
  The kids came

to life at last, darting about looking for a cave they saw from the drive up.   We got back in the jeep and headed along the north

coast, which was "off road".  The kids were lit up like Christmas trees as we bounced around on the sand/lava rock.  After doing this

for about 45 minutes or so, and praying that the transmission wouldn't fall out and leave us stranded, we came upon civilization

in the form of Alto Vista Chapel.  This is a small church in a very picturesque setting.  We were able to get some water here before

heading over to Palm Beach.  We set up camp at Moomba's, a little place we found 4 years ago, and fried ourselves a lsome more.

The Alto Vista Chapel.

Finally, we headed back to Oranjestad and gave the jeep back.  We did some shopping and wouldn't you know, there's a Senor Frogs

right there!  I wasn't going to argue having a cold Sol beer, since we can't get them in Ohio!  We met a nice family from Maryland here.

They also had a 16 year old daughter.  It wasn't too crowded or wild, which I do prefer, but they did start some silly games.  Rob got

a free beer,  Alex and I were given a Salsa lesson by the waiters, and then found ourselves in the conga line.  Alex also got a couple shots

of Margarita poured down her throat, which I was not happy about, but I didn't want to make a huge deal about it, so I let it go after

telling her to "watch it".

Looking south on Palm Beach from Moomba's.
It was a serious margarita, which was hard to believe, because usually they give you the really sweet stuff.  Andy and I left  to go start the shower/getting ready process.  Rob and Alex stayed behind to finish

the Sol he was having and so Alex could trade information with her new friend.  Of course they were late.  They came to dinner

 little late and a little loopy.  Glad our tablemates weren't there that night!  That would have been fun to explain.  Tonight was

the Love and Marriage Game Show.  It was pretty funny, as usual.  We finished off the evening with a slice of delicious pizza from

the Cafe Promenade and ate it out on our balcony.  Tomorrow is a new island for us....can't wait to see Curacao!

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Looking toward Palm Beach.
Looking toward Palm Beach.
The wild north coast.
The wild north coast.
The Alto Vista Chapel.
The Alto Vista Chapel.
Looking south on Palm Beach from
Looking south on Palm Beach from …
Silly happenings at Senor Frogs.
Silly happenings at Senor Frogs.