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Well it certainly does feel good to be home but Whitey and i nearly didnt make it! We got a taxi to JFK airport wiht Julie B Carrol the gorgeous Irish girl and on the way we suddenly realised we had on idea where our tickets were! The got got seperated when Mikay decided to leave and then must have got lost when we had to move rooms three times in 15 minutes when she decided to stay....

Anyway we spoke to quite an unhelpful American girl on the Virgin desk who eventually told us we had to pay £30 each and they could reprint our ticket.... Never mind. We were all quite tired and gutted thatdue to the delay we had missed saying goodbye to Julie, so the last thing i wanted was an announcement from Virgin telling me i had to return to the desk. It turned out the check in staff forgot to put a tag on my bag! UURGGGHHH!

We finally got through all the security checks and just relaxed before the flight boarded. The flight itself wasnt too bad..Films were good and it was empty so i had a whole five seats to lie down on. I was going to take a couple of sleeping pills but decided against it. I wish i had as i didnt get much sleep and felt absolutely terrible in Heathrow, especially when our flight was delayed 45 minutes! We were all so tired as we tried desperately to find a way of checking in without any sort of confirmation number, and then as we slept lying down on chairs in the departure lounge for a couple of hours.

When the flight eventually departed it was quick, though a little painful as i was feeling sick. We did, however, notice that Gary Linnekar was sitting at the very front... So many famous people!

IN Heathrow we were still tirred but so so excited to see our familes! The bags took forever to come out, again there was some sort of delay, before we quickly loadded the trollies and met waiting families! It was great!! We all said hello and how great the trip was before heading off, very tired.

At home i gave out lots of presents to Ali, Mum and Nan and told them all stories from the trip. Somehow i managed to stay awake and saw Dad when he came in and then Lauren when she came round at about 8. It was so good to see her!

The next day i went to see more family and then had a great night in Garlands with Lauren. Saturay was our big homecoming day, which started with a party at white's with lots of family. It was fantastic to see friends again and then The Brookhouse and The Raz, dancing and getting drunk for so long was even better. What a weekend.

The trip was ismply incredible. I was speaking to some family and they kept asking if i had done certian things to which i always answered yes and they were astonished at how much we fitted in. I am as well to be honest, but i know there is so much more to do and this trip has certainly opened my eyes up to that. I cannot wait to go away again now. It was completely surreal to be home, and in a way it still is. I look at pictures of us being awya and then look around and realise i am at home and struggle to concieve how i did so much but am now back in Liverpool again!

I learned so much on this trip... I learned that Alasdair means a lot more to me that i maybe realised, i learned that my iPod is my best friend and that music is completely inspirational, i learned that there is no need to do washing or cooking when you can pay Whitey to do it for you and i definitely learned the value of money.

I made mistakes on the trip, all of us did but we learned from them. I dont regret anything i can honestly say except finding two places that i could call home but leaving them so soon. In South Africa we were made to feel like we were part of the famaily and had been forever, the whole community welcomed us so easily, and in Australia i found a place that i could live as well, with amazing friends my own age and a lifestyle that suited me just perfectly. I hope more than anything that one of these two places will be where i go in the summer.

What a trip.....

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photo by: monkeymia79