Day 99, The One Where Michaela Went Home Early......Nearly

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Last night Whitey and i were both in bed and Michaela came in around midnight. We havent seen her for the past few days as she decided to spend time with her aunty and cousin. When she got back she simply said i am leaving, i feel like i am just hanging on here waiting to go home and my mum said we should just pay the extra money and have me go home early. It was a shock and it was also disappointing. Itreally was a shame that she left it until the last possible minute last night, just came picked up her bags and then left. What would she have done if we had been out?! It was also disappointing that she didnt raise the issue of her thinking about going home with us, or even let us know before midnight....She clearly spoke to her mum and changing the flight must have taken some organising during the day but we were left oblivious! Its also a shame that none of us can get these final few days together back, we never will. because of the way she just arrived and left with no other word, we had no final meal, no final anything. We now cant all arrive back at the airport together and whenever any of us look back at the trip, there is a kind of scar lfet now by the way it has ended....but i suppose Michaela did what she had to do. I cant understand anybody wanting to go home from New York City with only a week she must have been really homesick. Like i said its a shame but Whitey and i are going to make sure, as we always were, that this last week is the best of the trip......

The above entry was written this morning as since then things have changed dramatically. I rarely write a blog entry early but i did to document the shocking events but a u turn has been seen. MIchaela is currently with us and has just enjoyed The Lion King on Broadway alongside us. This morning Whitey got up and did some laundry up the road. When he got back we discussed the Michaela situation and how disappointed we were like i said. I ended up calling Michaela and to our surprise her flight wasnt until 8pm that night...we thought it was that morning so she ended up coming to the hostel. She talked through her decision and basically realised that it was a bit rash. Being with her family and them going home made the decision easier but she regretted not actually speaking to us first greatly as if we had this conversation the day before she would have realised it was stupid. NOw she faced the task of cancelling her flight. The first woman she spoke to said she would lose her money but i said to ring again and speak to somebody else as that shouldnt be the case, so she did and it wasnt. She cancelled it no problem. After just playing pool most of the day and Michaela got her bags from the hotel, we got ready for our night out. We caught the subway to Times Square and first tried The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner but the line was too big so we went to Planet Hollywood and had a fantastic dinner. The dessert of a brownie with 2 big scoops of ice cream and cream was delicious but none of us could finish.... Feeling disgustingly full we went over the road to The MInskoff Theatre on Broadway and to The Lion King! It was an incredible show and we had incredible seats in the middle five rows form the front. It opened with elephants and rhinos coming down the isles on to the stage and was just a great show. So life like that Michaela didnt even realise there was a man in the could clearly see his face! The singing and dancing also reminded me so much of South Africa which i miss so much, i really do.... After the show we headed home to the hostel and after singing some songs we went to bed.
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