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This morning we all woke up really early as we intended to go and get tickets for The Late Show with david Letterman. However, the alarm mysteriously messed up and we were all so tired that we just left it....

When we eventually did get up, Mikay said that she was going to go visit her Aunty and cousin who definitely now had arrived in the city and so she went to do that. Whitey and I decided to go and see the Statue of Liberty so we wrapped up warm and caught the subway to the South Ferry Terminal in Battery Park. When we got off and reached the fresh air we both realised actually how cold today was going to be. Down by the water and on Liberty Island i was the coldest i have EVER been! It was freezing! The sight of the Statue was very impressvie though, from land and when we got close up.

On the island we took in the views but then quickly went to the museum entrance and into the warm. Before we could enter the museum which is at the foot of Lady Liberty, we had to go through airport style security checks, including the one where the blow air across you! Fortunately, due to the time of year we didnt have to wait long anywhere, but i can imagine at half term the lines that we just passed through will be full and it would be soooooooooooo cold!

The museum was really interesting and detailed all about how the statue was made, transported seen by the public, all the problems and how and why it actually came bout. It is really weird to think that it was originally copper coloured and has turned green thanks to exposure to the air, like the rooftops of the Cathedral in Liverpool! Also inside the museum was the original torch which was removed years ago, and life size prototypes of the face and one of the feet!

We then headed up to the highest point you are allowed to, which is currently just under where the actual statue starts (the top of the brick base). You can see up through glass ceilings into the hollow shell fo the statue and then walk around outside to see fantastic views of Manhattan, although we didnt stay long as it was freezing still.

Outside the museum we took some pictures of the views and then headed back to catch the ferry to Ellis Island. This 'gateway to New York' was really interesting but by this time i was very cold and hungry and so probably didnt appreciate it as much as i could have.... It was good, especially to see where 'Hitch' was filmed but i dont have any relatives that i know of who travelled through the island and so was quick to catch the ferry back to the city.

We had intended to view the Empire State Building today but the first trip took longer than expected so we quickly went back to the hostel for something to eat. There we relaxed and ended up falling asleep for ages. When we woke up, Whitey went to make some dinner and i had a shower. Back in the room Mikay arrived with her cousin and said that she had decided to spend the night with her at the hotel and then tomorrow with them as well, so we're not sure when we'll see MIkay again haha!

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New York
photo by: herman_munster