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This morning i woke up at around 6.45 with the intention of going to the East Village to  a bar where the NYCLFC supporters club watch all the Liverpool games to see the derby. I got up and decided it was far too cold, early and far away, and really im glad i didnt bother as the result was a boring 0-0.

I obviously went back to bed and must have been tired as i ended up sleeping for another 6 hours! The other woman in our room only got in at around 8am and slept all day, up until 6pm! She's just going to be up all night!

Whitey and i left Mikay in bed and went up to Broadway to buy some food for our stay. We decided to do a proper shop so that we wouldnt be eating out all the time. We bought spaghetti and bolognese sauce, meatballs and spaghetti, a ready meal steak thing, bread, cereal, milk and i even volountarily bought a carrot and a big thing of brocolli! Mom you must be just overwhelmingly proud of me right now...Dont get me wrong, i dont like these foods but i have learnt the importance of them while ive been away so will definitely eat a lot more back at home. I bought all the food for Whitey and myself and in return Whitey will cook mine for me as i am still hopeless at that! ha

Back at the hostel Mikay had left us a note saying that she had gone to meet her Aunty and cousin who were staying in a hotel in the city, so White and i unpacked the shopping and decided to go for a walk through Central Park. It isnt very far from the hostel so we walked and then walked again for ages longer as Whitey thought he recognised where he was from when he visited last time. He asked if we could walk up to the end of the park and go in that way.....We didnt end up doing that as it was SO FAR AWAY! So eventually we just entered at some random point and started looking around. There is so much to see! We walked for ages past Turtle Lake and the Great reservoir which is massive! We went past a lot of mini baseball pitches and also past a game of American football being played by a load of lads like they did on Thanksgiving in Friends! We finished by seeing one of the outdoor ice rinks and then walking on one of the frozen lakes. I know dangerous....but you should have seen the thickness of the ice!! There was no way we were falling through it! ON our way out we also randomly passed a police car driving through a narrow path in the park and then trying to do a 3 point turn in a space barely big enough for the car to fit in...

We walked back up towards the hostel i the cold. It really was freezing and if we had stayed out much longer i think i would have died! This big coat really is doing the job but the wind on your face is just horrible.

MIkay was waiting back at the hostel as it turned out her Aunty isnt checking in until Monday. Whitey and i cooked our dinners but Mikay decided to go for an Italian with a Dutch girl we met on 42nd street. When she got back White and i were having a few drinks and the girls tried to find Bobby from the Bronx as he knew where to go out....He couldnt be found anywhere which was a bit weird and he missed his 'appoinment' with Marica (Dutch girl). ANyway, we just ended up sitting in the kitchen listening to the Jewish music from the Wedding in the basement and having some drinks. It was fun, and MArica is crazy.

We decided we wouldnt be able to sleep in our room on the first floor because of all the music and so asked to be moved upstairs. They agreed and we can stay in this room for the rest of the tiem now, but it was weird as we were moved to the room Bobby had said he was in...but there was barely a trace of him....just an empty Brandy bottle, and a bag with a phone box in! Although the reception guy said we could not use one of the beds so somebody must still be reserved to stay there! Weird.

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