Day 92, The Final Countdown De De De Duh.....

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In exactly 2 weeks time we will have finished our life changing journey and will be home in Liverpool. Incredible. I remembre thinking on our very first night in Winterton, South Africa when Ed was the only one aound, we had no idea who 'The Pickard's' were and we were being fed some vegetarian quiche that these next two weeks would be the longest of my life. Instead that first fortnight was the one of the quickest and most enjoyable of my life! Now we are faced we the last 2 weeks of our trip and it seems again an age away but really will fly. I miss people but am not homesick. If we had planned to stay out another 4 months i would be fine with that but seen as i know that i will be homes so soon i really am excited about it and to see so many people again!

Anyway, today was a cool one. We just slept in today without setting alarms as we were all so tired after the past couple of weeks. When we did get up we gradually got ready and had showers. The actual showers were great but getting out was awful as it is SO COLD! I had to hang on to the pipes in our room to warm up and im so glad i have my coat! Even a regular coat would struggle to keep out the cold but this one, along with my hat and gloves, is doing the job. Whitey seriously paid the price for leaving his coat on the Grand Canyon coach! The chill was incredibly cold and really bitter but strangely enjoyable.

We first caught the Metro into the centre of Washington to all the tourist attractions.  We got off at Federal Triangle and first saw the Washington Monument which is so tall! After that we headed over the park and towards the White House which was really weird to see. As we got closer 3 Government helicopters flew low over head. The first and third flew off and the second landed on the lawn of the White House!! We walked closer to get pictures after the police opened the street and spoke to 3 older men. It turned out that these men have been invited to a breakfast at the Hilton tomorrow morning with Bush, which only 4800 people in the whole world are invited to! They confirmed that the helicopter was carrying George W Bush, his wife and Condeliza Rice....right in front of us!!! We also saw a big limo with 2 people in the back come flying out of the White House just before that which had the American flags mounted on the front and had a escort of 7 police cars! Crazy.

We took pictures and then walked round to the otherside of the White House. Mikay and White attempted to walk into the White house but the police politely told them they were ridiculous and not allowed that way....After we had finished we moved back to the Washington Monument and then to the Lincoln Memorial. Michaela seemed a little bored, especially when she found out that the reflecting pool which Forrest Gump ran through, was drained (i assume so it couldnt freeze) which she had gone on about a lot. We walked in it, and marvelled at the pretty impressive Korean war monument before walking along the pool to the memorial. This was also spectacular and the Lincoln statue is huge!!

After a while we walked back past the pool and got the train back to the hostel, which is really homely. It is like a house on a little hill just set back from the road and everybody is really friendly. We bought some food for dinner and we are now having a few drinks with the other people in the hostel. One of whom, an Aussie, reminds me A LOT of Miss McCaughey!
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