Day 90, A Busy Day and a Full Stomach....

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This morning Whitey was up very early at 5.50am in time to catch the bus for his Grnad Canyon Day trip. Mikay and i were fortunate to have an extra hour in bed before the bus picked us up to take us to Boulder City airport. This city is about half an hour away and is the only one in Nevada which does not have any casinos. This is because the city was built in the '30's for workers on the Hoover Dam, in return the government said they couldnt gamble or drink all night when they would be working the next day. This is one of the reasons Vegas buil up as all the workers needed somewhere to go to let off steam!

In the half hour helicopter flight to the Canyon we flew over extinct volcanoes and mass areas of desert, as well as the huge Lake Mead, the biggest in North America, and the Hoover Dam. Everything seems so small from the air.

On the approach to our landing spot in the Grand Canyon we soon realised the massive size of the canyon itself. We descended below the rim and landed at a picnic spot overlooking the Colorado river and a huge section of the landscape. It really is huge, and we only got a glimpse of half of it. We took loads of pictures down there and then the pilot brought out little picnic baskets with a sandwich, crisps, drinks, cookies and a bottle of champagne! It was very civilised and a lot of fun.

After a while we re-boarded the helicopter and started out journey back over the river, and the Arizona-Nevada border and back to Boulder City. The whole journey was a lot of fun and im very glad we did it!

Back at the hostel we both decided to have a sleep before setting out on the days activities. So, about an hour and a half later we met back up and caught a taxi to The Strip.

Our first stop was The Venetian which is incredibly elegant. Inside is amazing, seeing the sky above changing and the gondolas sailing through the indoor and outdoor canals....It was fantastic. Next we went to The Mirage to see the white tigers. We did see them although didnt get a great view as they were hiding up quite high.

After that we went to McDonalds to get some food, before moving on to The Bellagion. We got some pictures outside and then went in to see where loads of the bits of Ocean's Eleven where filmed and ended up playing on the slots. Mikay tried to play toulette but got asked for I.D straight away.... After a while there enjoying the fabulous gardens and displays, we moved on to the MGM Grand. This is currently the biggest hotel in Vegas, with 5000 rooms, although The Venetian has nearly completed its third tower which will make it the biggest, with 7000 rooms. We also saw some of the parking lots just for staff today! Apparently the biggest employer is Harrah's who own about 7 casinos on the strip including Paris and Rio. Anyway, in MGM we saw the Lions in their habitat. Even though they are full grown and lioness' they were still so cute! Michaela was intrigued as well.....'Hey, so when do they get their big mains then?!' That one was almost as good as her telling EVERYBODY in L.A about her seeing the house where Frank Sinatra killed himself or declaring it was impossible for Prince to be performing in Vegas in a couple of weeks because he died a few years back....

Next stop was New York New York where we went on the Manhattan rollercoaster ride. It was great, lodas of loops and steep drops but it really was quite rocky! Good though, and we played in the arcade for a while after.

After we finished here we moved on to Ceasers Palace which is very grand and has a lot of posh shops! Before we got there we walked past the fountain show which was amazing! We stood right where Brad Pitt and Clooney did in the film and watched the fountains dance to the music in front of the magnificent hotel! We then walked through the forum at the Palace for quite a while looking at all the fountains and visiting some of the less expensive shops. Mikay bought some things in Abercrombie and Finch and i could have spent about $300 but am saving the shopping until the last days in New York when i know exactly how much money i have! Its hard but has to be done.

Next we went over to Harrah's to catch the shuttle to Rio. When we got there we had a look at the buffet and then went over to look at the shops when i realised i had left my phone on the bus!!! I ran SO FAST back to the shuttle stop but the bus had gone so we jumped in a cab and raced back to Harrah's....We got there just in time but i looked in the seats and there was no phone! Fortunately somebody had found it and given it in....PHEW! So, we stayed on the shuttle and again went to Rio. Straight away we went to get the free buffet which cost $25 and was seriously all you can eat! I mean i still think i must have been stealing, i cant have been allowed that much food! All the counters were HUGE and there were Mexican ones, meat, chinese, indian, sea food, fruit, a massive pudding counter. It was unreal and i really think i ate more tonight than i have done the whole trip put together!

After we finished we wen to a couple of the shops as i saw a nice t shirt yesterday but when i saw it again, it wasnt that nice so yet again we got the shuttle back to the strip. We decided to go straight over to Treasure Island where we had a look around and then went outside to see the pirate show. Unfortunately we had missed the last show as the timetable in the hostel was for summer time!! Gutted, but never mind, i'll justs see it next time and i definitely would like to come again. It seems so much fun if you are old enough to drink and gamble! Everybody is having fun all the time it seems, there is so much to do and something is always going on!

After we got a taxi from the Wynn hotel back to the hostel we were told that our blonde friend was looking for us! This confused us as we had left a note for White to call us when he got back from his day trip, which he read because it had moved, but he didnt ring us. We left our numbers and told him to use a pay phone but instead he just told reception to tell us he's looking for us, but we cant do anything about that as his phone doesnt work! He'll turn up.....

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