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I will start by telling the tale of our Australia Day party in the hostel in San Francisco. We all decided we wanted a couple of drinks to relax and so i broke out the 1.75litre bottle of Jack i got in Rarotonga, Mikay the Malibu and White the Jim Beam. We were playing fussball for a while nicely until MIkay suggested that we do 'everytime you conceed a goal you down half oyur drink and then rotate for one goal.' Well....long story short, the night ended with Mikay and White in bed feeling very rough, heads spinning having thrown up twice each! I on the other hand, for once, was almost sober. It went like this, i am quite good at fussball and only lost 3 times all night (twice to mikay!). After about half an hour i was made to play one handed and only one of my defeats came during this period! It would have been painful to watch if not so funny! What was painful was watching White scare some Aussie girl off after knocking her cup out of her hand and then throwing his drink all over her feet. He then embarassed us when we played doubles fussball against some Chileans.....Never mind.

This morning the other were feeling a little worse for wear, Mikay particularly and i had a random bad stomach, ok now though. White and i left MIkay in bed and headed to Lombart Street which is the twistiest road in the world, eight turns! We walked down there, got our free gift from NIke Town and then headed back to finish getting ready and catch the seven hour shuttle back to L.A. AS we headed out of the city we passed through a rally with thousands of people in Union Square against Bush saying he intends to increse the number of troops in Iraq in his state of the union address on tuesday. I hope there are some rallies whilst were in Washington it would be so good!  The journey wasnt too bad and i just listened to mmy iPod and watched Oceans 12.

We checked in again to the USA Hollywood Hostel, where MIkay is now in her own girls dorm and then headed to get some food.

All the photos since i last updated are now on facebook! They're not in the right order within their sections but who cares.....go check them out!

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