Day 86, Back On Alcatraz....

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Today started very early at half past five!!! We got up and headed down to breakfast to make pancakes with nobody else around. Then when we were ready went to reception ready to catch our bus to Yosemite. ONe Gray Line Tour bus arrived but that was not for us. However a man who it was for told us that our tour operator was not running today! We asked reception about this and they rang the office which wasnt open. We rang again when it was and were told that our tour wasnt going today and a message was left which we clearly weren't given! This seriously angered us as we got up five hours early for no reason and messed up our plans. We were going to have a few drinks tomorrow night at the Australia Day party but now cant as we will be far too tired after only getting in at 1opm, and cant tonight eaither as we must again be up at half 5 tomorrow! Also, feeling tired, we must  rearragne our plans for today. Great.

We went bakc to bed for a while and were awoken when housekeeping came to clean up the bathroom which Mikay flooded! At that time we then had to contact the Alcatraz tour people to see if they had any spaces left which fortunately they did. We had some more food and then headed down past Union Square and to the bottom of Powell Street to catch the famous San Fran cable car (tram) to Fisherman's wharf and Pier 39! This is where is stayed when i visited with school 2 years ago. The cable car ride was greta and gave great views of this wonderful city....I dont know how anybody could not fall in love with San Francisco! The hills, the views and  the architecture is amazing!

We arrived at Fishermans Wharf and it was great to see old places that i recognised! We walked along the front to get to Pier 33 and caught the 2:15 ferry to Alcatraz. The tour was incredibly interesting, even though i have already heard it... Facts such as an escape attempt which saw a prisoner leave the island and touch other land, only for that land to be a further away island which was a military base fascinated me and i loved walking around the prison again listening to the audio commentary. You find yourself having to remind yourself that these were evil, dangerous men otherwise you start to feel sorry for them....

We got all the obligatory pictures inside cells etc...although it was disappointing not to hear the cell doors all get shut down as we did last time. Still it was fun and great to see again, especiallyy sitting on the bench where Coral and I sat 2 Christmas' ago when we missed the ferry with the rest of the group on!

We caught the last ferry back to the city and then walked around Pier 39 looking through all the shops. I bought a USC t shirt and Whitey bought a really cheap but quite cool San Fran coat. Oh i also got a hat. We got some pictures with the Sea Lions at the pier and then got the tram back to the hostel.

We were given free meal vouchers for tonight by the manager because of the inconvience of this morning and so enjoyed the turkey and mash! MOM BE PROUD AGAIN! I havent been eating properly like i said so i FORCED myself to eat loads of my green beans and have now had 3 bananas in 2 days!

After dinner i got anotjher bath and have just relaxed ready for another early start tomorrow....

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