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This morning we were woken with some drama at 5am as one of our roomates came in stinking drunk. He naged into my bunk and made quite a bit of noise but i managed to get back to sleep...An hour later i was awoken by the sound of arguements between him and Mikay. He had been throwing up none stop until he came back in in the bathroom right next to MIchaela's bed and then decided to just sit in the doorway basically right next to her head. She was worried that he would be sick all over her things and was having difficulty sleeping so asked him to move. He was drunk and started gettin abusive and angry! He told her in no uncertain terms to get lost, swore at her laods, told her that she shouldnt be ther as it was a male dorm, just repeating 'peniseeeeeeeeees.' That was something she could do nothing about as she was just put there but he wouldnt listen. I got up, turned the light on and tried to reason with him saying, 'Look i know you're ill but please just go to bed or in the bathroom,' but he still wouldnt. I understand people get drunk and ill but he wouldnt be reasonable. Whitey who woke up and was clearly tired just flew off the handle at him which ended up making it worse...he wasnt in the condition to take being shouted at. Eventually Whitey went and got the guard and he moved, was warned and then grabbed a bag and left for the rest of the night! Wow.

We woke in the morning in time to enjoy the free all you can eat pancake breakfast.....MUM, I MADE PANCAKES! ha i was proud, and i did well as well. It was great to taste American pancakes with maple syrup again. After breakfast MIchaela took herself off on a guided toour of Stars homes in Bel Air but i was too tired and stayed in bed all morning until about half one.. We didnt have much to do and i was still suffering from a very erratic recent sleeping pattern.

When Mikay returned, she was late and we very quickly got ourselves together and went to catch the bus to the NBC studios in Burbank. Mikay said that the tour wasnt that great as she had a very sore knee and all you saw were fences, guarding famous houses....

We arrived at The Tonight With Jay Leno Show later than we wanted but we turned out OK and waited for around an half before bein let in. We didnt have the best seats but could see everything.....Jennifer Garned was the main guest which was awesome, and they also had on the host of Extreme Makeover and Bow Wow who was singing! The whole show was so interesting to watch and didnt take forever as it was live. There was also loads of 'crowd warming' like audience members dancing before the show which was fun.

Afterwards we got a yellow cabback to Hollywood, but the driver misheard us taking us somewhere completely different. He tried to charge us for both journeys but we clearly refused.

Back at the hostel it was time for the all you can eat BBQ and it was so good. I had 3 burgers and 3 hot dogs! We then headed down Hollywood Boulevard to get Mikay a pizza slice, and as we went past the famous Egytptian Theater we noticed the sidewalk was closed, they told us it was because Jennifer Garner was attending a premiere....we just saw her!!

We're now back again at the hostel and thinking of getting more of an early night. The stupid drunk guy got back earlier as staff were cleaning his sick and he didnt say a word! He still hasnt so much as looked at us and apparently this happens with him every night! He wont be getting away with it again.......

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photo by: X_Drive