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Today was another of pretty much boredom. I tried to sleep in but the extremely loud lawn mower outside put pay to that so i ended up gettin mum to ring early on. It was good to chat after so long with no phones....

After having breakfast and dinner rolled into one, and being surprised that the rian had stopped for a while, Mikay and i decided to leave for town, as Whitey wanted to stay in and watch Alan Partridge on my iPod. Town was very boring. We got in and tried to find a sweet shop we had spotted the other day, or a shop to seel a memory card for my PSP but we failed at both. We then tried to find a bar which would show the Liverpool Chelsea game tonight. Again, not much luck. Just as we headed back to the bus stop we found both shops we were looking for and splashed out on pick n mix! We walked a hiwle to find the bus stop and eventually got on clearly wasnt the right bus, but fortunately we had mentioned to the French driver where we were going and he ended up taking a detour just for us! Now thats a laid back lifestyle!

After having a really long sleep, and then eating Oreo cereal for dinner, i decided to go have some drinks at the bar with Whitey, which was quite lively as ther was a Spanish night on. We realised that this would be our last night out in ages as we cant in America and so headed for town, leaving Michaela who didnt fancy it behind in the room.

We walked the whole way in to town.....bu it was a surprisingly quick journey and then we just had to find somewhere to go! The first bar we tried seemed quite lively but ended up being the gayest place i have ever been! I was going to comment on how many men here seem gay but this was unreal. The moment we stepped in Whitey got introduced to loads of men by some 30 year old gay and i left for the bar sharpish! We then waited to get a drink and got touched everywhere....seriously. It was freaky. By the dancefloor Whitey got asked to dance by some 40 year old French man and tried to decline, just as the music stopped he shouted 'I'M ENGLISH!!' Everybody heard and it was completely hilarious!

We moved on quicly and tried a couple of places before settling in a club which wa slively but played too much French music, even English songs but i nFrench. We had a few drinks and then set about walking home. I am now on the computer refreshing the summary of the Liverpool Chelsea game at 3am! Kuyt has just put us 1-0 up! Woooooooooooo!

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photo by: alexchan