Day 8

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WE had to be up at half 6 this morning to travel to Estcourt, a town about 45 mins away to watch a Christmas ‘praise concert’ at a church school. It was very funny but dragged towards the end. The facilities were amazing compared to what we have experienced so far.


After the play we went and had some food in a really nice little café in the town. Whitey and I had 2 bacon and egg toasties and Michaela had a hot chocolate…on the hottest day so far.


Then we went shopping in Estcourt. Bought some seeds for the school garden in ‘SHOPRITE’!! That’s right Uncle Kevin…they’ve ripped off Shoprite… which is where I bought my first present of the trip… I couldn’t really resist when I saw the name of the shop. Michaela got her show fixed by a street vendor and we bought some compost for the garden.


We went to the crèche again in the afternoon…Precious was just as cute as always. Today I was curling my tongue at her and it was fantastic to see her trying to copy…although she could only put her tongue out. We were lying on the mattress and every time I moved my feet or kicked them she would copy. Whitey was busy playing with kids and making noises through traffic cones and not doing a very good job of stopping them eating leaves off the tree!


We then fed the calves for the first time…it was weird!! As soon as we got any milk on our fingers they would really suck! It definitely was a strange feeling but funny.

Whitey was hugging one of the cows…as I tried to take a picture it ran off...instead of letting go, Whitey tried to keep hugging and got dragged. Very comical.


Whitey and I watched Cabin Fever while Michaela slept…..AGAIN! And I ate some lovely Top Deck! WE also discovered that Whitey had been calling FiFi the cat Phoebe the whole time and that he likes to tease animals….

He picked up Danny the dogs front legs and held them….’Oh look…he’s trying to escape’ he said but even so, refused to let go of the dog!

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