Day 78, Rain Rain Go Away....

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We arrived at Papeete airport, Tahiti in the early hours of this morning and immediately tried to draw money out which was a problem! The rate is around 169 Francs to a pound which is nice and awkward, and i had also misplaced my card so had to use Mum's for departure tax (found it now). However, literally the second i put my card in the machine there was a power cut! This meant my card was taken and when the power came back on it took a while for my card to be returned. ON top of that, this particular machine was a little erratic and decided to give money to Whitey and some other Swiss guy but not to Michaela, Another English man or me!

We then got a taxi to our hotel The Royal Tahitien. When we arrived, we expected payment to have already been sorted as we arranged the boooking well in advance. However, Whiteys credit card details were only taken, apparently, to safe guard the booking and the card was not debited. It turned out the cost of our stay would be 200 pound each and the problem was, we already gave Andy that money months ago, which he obviously spent thinking that the payment went through. We trawled his credit card transactions and it turned out that it hadnt. This put us in a very diffiult situation. The manager gave us 2 rooms for the night, and offering Michaela the one on her own with a king size bed, i stayed solo for the first time in an age. It was nice and relaxing.

In the morning Whitey spoke to the management and reduced the price to 100 pounds each and we sorted the situation. Next i moved back into the other room after a third bed was put in and we tried to decide what to do.

We caught the bus into Papeete but were quite lost. We had no idea where we were or what to do but eventually found our way to the tourist office and to an ATM which accpeted our cards. The touirst information centre much help and we drew the conclusion that there simply isnt much to do here, and we dont have the time or the weather to visit the other islands.

I bought a couple of pain chocolat and practiced my French listening to directions to McDo's, where i had the nicest Oreo McFlurry i have ever tasted. We have realised that our Air New Zealand flight to L.A will not be the best equipped, possibly one big screen t.v at the front and so the need for a French plug adaptor set in due to the realisation that 8 and a half hours with no PSP, iPod or phone would be unbeatable! We visited a pharmacy which clearly didnt have what we were looking for but a French couple overheard, who spoke good English and offered to take us to Hyer Brico where we could buy we all piled in the back of their car with their young son and off we went. The woman was so nice! She gave us loads of tips of where to go and what to eat before dropping us off at the store. Having bought the adaptor at a shop no out of our way we found ourselves struggling to get home with the last bus leaving in half an hour. We walked a short while and recognised some landmarks we past on the way into town and after ten minutes found a bus stop. We then seemed to wait there i nthe pouring rain for abour 40 minutes. We had no idea whether a bus was going to come and just as we thinking of walking, it turned up.

We missed the stop as Whitey was looking out the wrong side, and had to walk back about ten mintues to the hotel. The rain actually became fun after a while as there is a point where we got so wet it didnt matter anymore if we walked straight through huge puddles. It has rained for 2 and a half weeks straight apparently... I dont know where it all comes from!

We came to Tahiti with negative attitudes really as a few people had said there wasnt much to do and it was boring but to be honest we have found that ourselves so far. It is an experience and the rain isnt the reason this isnt great, if we were in New York and it was pouring down we would be having a ball....there really just seem like not much to do. In a weird way though that suits us because it means we wont spend much money at all, and we are forced to really relax ahead of what will be a hectic time in California and America.

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photo by: alexchan