Day 76, Vroom Vroom Vroom

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This morning we had quite a long lie in. When we got up, Mikay an I left Whitey and his lack of license at the hostel and got the bus into town. We asked at Avis to rent a scooter but they said we must be 21, but all was not lost.....A smaller company nearby said the same BUT if we were careful they thought it would be ok, and we said we drove them back at home. So we hopped on and had a practice in some quiter areas. I ended up driving in a huge circle because a car was behind me and i wasnt confident enough to pull over or turn right....we soon got the hang of it.

After going o nthe internet for a while I drove the 15 minute ride back to the hostel to pick up Whitey and go to a really nice beach on the other side of the island. However, when we got there we learned that he had just got the bus into town to find us! Great, so we drove all the way back to town and caught him just as he was about to get the bus back again! Mikay jumped on the back of the scooter and i took her to 'Vara's' beach. I dropped her off and went back to do the same with White. When we got to the beach we saw Michaela just chatting on to some randoms....again and we also saw the most beautiful beach i have ever seen. The sand was completely white, the waves were breaking quite far out at the coral reef and there were 2 small islands swimming distance from the shore! Incredible! We swam and played in the water for ages before i drove Mikay back to the hostel. Now it was her turn to go and pick up Whitey...they were ages but apparently Mikay was just being cautious, which was handy as, even though we had done so well, i did have a little crash whilst pulling in to our drive. We had been warned by 3 people about the puddle in the drive and how they had all crashed so i had a negative mentality when i faced it.....The puddle knew it had beaten me even before i choked in the middle of it and fell humiliated to the wet floor. Never mind, no harm done.

When the guys eventually got back we went inside to cook yet more spaghetti and saugages with toast for dinner and then made some disgusting rice pudding. I bought the chocolate flavour one because i thought i couldnt buy the normal one as i didnt want it plain and i didnt want to buy jam as well, so there was some though behind it but sadly i was foolish. It was not nice, but we did finish it all.

After chatting to the the other people in the hostel for ages a game of Matchbox broke out from nowhere. For you fogies out there this is a drinking game where you throw a matchbox over your drink and if it lands on its end then the next person must drink 2 fingers of their drink, it is accumulative. Anyway, it ended in Whitey drinkin 3/4 of a bottle of Vodka, me most of my litre bottle of Jack and us all heading into town and to Banna Court.

It was actually quite a lively night and there was a dancing competition which a very enthusiastic Maouri won. Whitey and i danced most of the night shoe-less on the podium and then the bar shut aroun half 12! It was a great night. As we waited for a taxi or any sort of lift, Caroline, a girl from Hull, James, an Irish girl and a Scottish girl all decided to take the mick out of our Scouse accents which was actually quite funny and we did the same back to them....especially when Caroline started singing the Hull F.C anthem. In the end we got a lift of the bouncer of the club in his pick up and after taking us the wrong way we got back.

We all finished off our drinks whilst chatting about travelling, listening to music and waking up Germans before going to bed. A great last night in The Cook Islands.

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photo by: glennisnz