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This morning we were being picked up at 8:50am to be taken to our scuba dive location.....we only woke up at 8:40am. We made it though and it was well worth the $80. Our guide Leon was so nice and it as only Mikay and i doing the dive so it was very personal. He took us through all the equipment which was actually quite easy really and briefly explained where we going and what we were doing. We then headed out into the lagoon, which in The Cook Islands is the area before you get to the surrounding reef which is really safe.

The hardest part about the dive was maintaining neutral bouyancy but we soon got the hang of it and the dive was spectacular. We were in the lagoon and immediately i saw one of those sand fish things that look exactly like the bottom! It was cool. Then we headed out into the reef and saw so many fish....Moray eels, more sand fish things, loads from Finding Nemo, huge fish and random coulourful fish with funny bodies that swam really fast right at my mask and then suddenly turned away. It was really great. Leon picked up a piece of broken coral and smacked it against some live coral so it was a feeding frenzy!

The dive was great and some other lad who was working at the centre during his gap year had gone with us but he was generally annoying! He kept swimming into us all and even Leon was really annoyed with him when he said at the end he saw an octopus but didnt even tell anybody!!

We told Whitey all about it when we got back as he was doing washing and cheekily using our stuff as we were gone, but decided not to do the other afternoon dive. Whitey had been busy while we were away, he had a little bucket of crabs and shells and named three of the crabs....Mikay, because that one was small, Whitey because that one was lazt, and MIchael.....We were only gone a couple of hours but Andy clearly went insane.

We all relaxed in the room and then had a very peaceful afternoon on the beach or in the pool. I spent a lot of time in the hammock reading my Steven Gerrard book which, because we've been so busy, ive barely dented! Michaela also decided to braid my hair.....Great. It actually looked quite Mauori -like, except for the girly little bobbles at the back!

Later on we went down to the Bar and Grill just down the beach because they were having a sunset BBQ and hte food was really nice. We sat on the beach listening to the locals singing and it was great. Plus we had another one of the gorgeous brownies and ice cream. Unfortunately $50 flew away from Mikay which was annoying....but we paid and headed back to the room where we chatted and went to bed,
sooty1978 says:
See i told u whitey had let himself go did i not?? Btw de ting bout halton is also oday i havnt kept up reading very well sorry.
Love you
Posted on: Jan 17, 2007
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