Day 74, Market Day

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This morning we got up quite early, got ready and caught a packed bus into town because it was market day. The market was really busy and lively, with singers and musicians evreywhere. We managed to get some souvenirs and a really great bacon and egg roll! After we had finished there we made our way through town and to the internet cafe which we had an hour to use and i depserately needed to update this to keep all you guys informed. See! I do care about letting you know what goes on and try my best to stay up to date so i resent comments from certain people (uh hum Lyn Stringer) calling for my abdication! I am supposed to be on holiday you know and i am in a coutry where EVERYTHING shuts on a sunday for church and there is only one road on the entire island....its not easy to find a computer with a usb port to put pictures on eh! Rant over. haha

We looked through more shops and bought a finding Nemo ball ot play with in the sea before again catching the bus back to the hostel. We immediately got in the sea to play with the ball and, pretty wuickly we were set upon by 5 Cook Islands Mauri 5 year olds all wanting to play with us. It was actually very fun and we ended up playin all afternoon with these children in the sea, putting them on our shoulders, playing piggy in the middle, all while their parents watched on laughing.

Unfortunately by the end of the day we were all really quite burnt! Never mind, we had some drinks and got in the pool in the evening to cool off. Michaela rang up 'Dive Rarotonga' to book us a scuba dive for tomorrow, but Whitey doesn't know whether he will do it yet because of the cost.

After listening to music on the speakers in the room we all got some sleep because we were tired after a long day in the sun and have to be up early tomorrow.
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photo by: glennisnz