Day 73, Friday all over again....Paradise Found!

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Those of you readers who are on the ball will have realised that this entry is adated the same as yesterdays ....and that is because when we travelled to Rarotonga, we pased over the internation date line and so now have one more day in our lives!

We had to be up at around 5:30am this morning after only 2 hours sleep and i felt very very rough! The bus journey to the airport seemed to take forever which could be the reson for us being seconds away from, missing the plane! Check-in took ages, my bag was searched at the xray and then we had to back track to pay a departure tax we didnt know about. It was $ off! We ran al the way through duty free, and ther are an incredible number of twists and turns and ups and downs in that airport, and just made it to the bus in time! Still wearing my coat i was very hot.

Whitey and i suffered on the flight but about half way through the 4 hours i kicked into life and started having fun.

When we arrived in Rarotonga it was raining, but the little guy lpaying a banjo cheered us up. The when we actually found out where we staying and got in the bus the skies strted to brighten and it looked a lot clearer. The guy told us he had upgraded us from being on the hillside of the hotel to a beach hut, which is literally on the beach and a few strides from the beach. We hurried straight into the water and with one loud thud as a coconut fell from a plam tree to the golden sand we realised we were in paradise! haha. The whole island is surrounded by a reef which makes the waves break further out and so loads of fish and other life swims around your feet just of shore.

After exploring the beach and taking some very posed pictures we dried and headed for the town. There is only one road which goes around the whole island, which takes 45 minutes to drive and 2 hours to cycle, and only one bus which we thought had passed so we hitched. First we got a nice man who took us as far as the airport and then we got an older man who really liked to chat who took us the rest of the way. I think he was lonely and just kept driving and showing us places. Eventually we got out, got some money and waited for the bus back. What we didnt know was that all the shop shut everyday at 4:30 and 12 on a Saturday, so there wasnt much to do!

Back at the hostel we walked along the beach to get some food at a bar and grill which had the nicest brownie and ice cream! After we walked back we met some people who were really nice but unfortunately just leaving, Whitey went for a swim and then got some well needed sleep. This is paradise and i love it!
alaiasuey says:
Hi now have magic number need to think of a word txt me as i have thought of one for you but can't put it on here for obvious reasons!!!

love u xxxxxx
Posted on: Jan 14, 2007
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