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'This morning we had a little bit of a lie in although we had to be up and breakfasted by 10:10am to meet at the bus stop on Queen Street. We showered and then m,et upstairs ready for action. The day tri[ was good as we got to do a Auckland Harbour Bridge tour worth $60 for free and watch some bungy jumpers do the jump we did which was weird. We then headed to Devenport on th coack for some fish and chips, but i got a hot dog which turned out to be more of a corn dog in batter on a stick.....

After we finished lucnh we went top north Head which was a dorment volcona and a gun empacement of oldne times. The guns were never fired in anger and were quite interesting. It was very interesting to watch around the island and see the views of the city.

After North Head, we drove back towars the city adn Auckand. Back the hostel it turned out thaty more or my ice cream had been stolen. With only one day left i dont want to buy a whole new onle although i will try to find the person responsible! We had spaghetti and sausgaes for dinner nad then go0t ready for our "Bar Hop.' It was really godo and we met some interesting peopel who come from places we are goping to visit. We also met people who are doing simliar travles to us. The night was a really good one adn quite late so hopefully we ill sleep in tomorrow. Night NIghty...x'

I APOLOGISE! For letting the standards of my blog slip.....I was a little drunk when i wrote that entry having just come back in from the Bar Hop....I will leave the original blog on as a reminder to all what 'Party Buses' can do. I just need to fill in a few of the gaps.

The Free Auckland Day Trip section was short and boring but pretty accurate, except i did not mention the Asian guy in a turban who didnt say a word all day but did the Bungy jump silently in suit pants, turban and shirt. There is a lot more to say about the Bar Hop. It was a really good night. We started at First Base bar where we got a free drink and then as we left to get on the bus a crate of beer was opened and we had to grab one and finish it before we got on. On the bus was lots of messing about and some very loud music. At first everybody was a bit reserved but by the time everybody knew people a bit better and to be hoenst, when everybody was a lot more drunk, it all relaxed and there was lots of dancing and games.

The second bar just had a few shocked business men in it when we arrived and our free drink was some honey beer which was weird but good. I had Michaela's. The next place was over the harbour bridge and called 'Mesh' i had broken my seal by this time and reeeeeally needed the toilet! BY the time the line went down and i got to the toilet i was readyto die. I have never needed the toilet more! The club was quite good and the guys came round with cocktails tod drink and then again it was time to move on.

On the bus some Spanish guy who has forcing himself on the women all night was doing the same to an Irish girl we were talking to and so i tried to get him to calm down....He wouldnt. I tried to reason with him, not getting aggressive but think i worsened the situation by telling him he really needs ' need AGUA SIN GAS!' He spoke perfect English. We got off just as he calmed down and inthe next bar, 'Foxes' we chatted to a couple of girls, one lives in New York and said they are having a record warm winter.....WHAT?! I have a coat that needs cold weather! PLus i want snow!

The next bar was 'Sponge' and was the most fun. We relaxed in a booth with Hayley, i thought her name was Cathy, who we joked that Whitey should make his move on all night.....She was nice and out on her own. After a while we noticed a podium so obviously Whitey and I got up and danced....and then some Sweedish kid who had been boring all night joined us....and then these 2 foreign girls who had been on the day trip today got up when Whitey got down so i danced with them....I don't know their names, they were European. Off the podium we started making people drop and then loads of us underneath caught them in our outstretched arms...Whitey just fell, and i was top heavy so did some somersault to prevent myself butting the floor. After all that fun we of course started 'The Circle.' The circle where we clap and get random people in the middle to dance. It worked very well and got big, so we took it on to the bus when we left.

The final stop was at Globe Bar, the bar under our hostel, and it was packed! We danced some more and got drinks. Michaela went up to the room so Whitey and i kept dancing with Hayley. After a while i headed off...and left them alone. I have no idea where i went to for about an hour! Well i know that i did trav Buddy but apart from that your guess is as good as mine. Apparently though Whitey went for McDonalds with Hayley and then walked her to her room. I eventually got back and Michaela told me that Hayley was gay....a lesbinim!!! Ha Whitey can really pick 'em eh! I got undressed....'Now i'll take off this shoe....and untie these little laces,' before finally going to sleep. It was a great night and pictures are now on facebook.  


suey says:
Hi Mikey,
Great to speak to you the other day
will let you know when magic word arrives.
keep safe and enjoy A Suey and Alaia xx
Posted on: Jan 11, 2007
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photo by: Fulla