Day 7

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This morning we woke up quite hung over but there was no time for a lie in as we had to be at Schitsdrift school, just down the road, at 9am.


This school is in much worse condition than Mpondweni. There is only one teacher teaching 5 grades in one classroom! She was incredibly grateful for our help in lightening the load. We took the oldest 2 grades into another classroom and basically plaed games with them such as hangman, crosswords and ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes.’ They really appreciated the break from just sitting in their classroom reading from textbooks. The textbooks are specifically for their grades but the problem is that these children aren’t to the level they should be so they are useless. One time Andy walked into the other room and the teacher was just asleep at the desk.


Again, we went over to the crèche for a while. Precious is one of the smallest girls and she has really taken a shine to me. She is absolutely gorgeous! Whenever I walked into the gate she would run over to me with her arms up so I would pick her up. The others have their favourites as well. Andy has got very close to another little girl and Michaela to the smallest baby. They are all so cute!


We all had a sleep for a while before a roast dinner!! At the table Ed and Noel told us more stories about Zimbabwe and their lives. Elena loves her anecdotes. One story that stuck in my mind was more to do with bad luck than anything. They had a girl staying with them in Zimbabwe and she had travelled all over Africa. When her parents heard of the trouble and violence in the country they begged her to return home to Australia. She eventually gave in after a while resisting…3 weeks later she was murdered by her boyfriend at home.


After eating we all spoke to out parents for the first time. Was good to hear familiar voices but difficult to try and re-tell so many stories without leaving things out. 


Andy and I watched the first half of the Liverpool V Birmingham cup game, which we won 1-0. Going to bed early though as we have an early start tomorrow.

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