Day 68, Bungy Madness...

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Today was a long and very eventful one...

Whitey and i started by getting up and 8:30am, and then getting picked up by the hire car company who took us to pick up our Nissan Corolla, automatic hire car. It os quite a big car but nice to drive and im used to automatics now after my experience in Melbourne. I drove back to the hostel where we met Dan who got the bus from Hamilton to do the Bungy Jump with us.

We didnt know where to park the car because everywhere was so expensive so the womand at reception, Anthea, said the cheapest place is directly outside the hostel. However, you can pay for a maximum of an hour so she said if we left the money she would keep feeding it while we were away. So we did, and then all headed down to the pick up point for AJ Hackett. The walk down to the Maritime Museum was an incredibly nervous one!

When we got picked up the tension grew as the Auckland Harbour Bridge got bigger and bigger and closer and closer! When we got there we suited up and began the walk up to the 'jumping pod.' The jump started to really become a reality but i have to say, again probably simply through stupidity, i lost most of nerves and gained a lot of excitement. My dancing in anticipation did not help Whitey who looked like he was going to faint! It was in weight order, so Whitey as the heaviest out of everybody there went first and he was so scared! When it was time to jump he sort of crouched on the jump board and fell. Next was Dan who, after the jump, was winched back up feet first still hanging down as he forgot to pull the cord which overrode the wire and enabled him to sit up straight. Michaela was third and she too was very very scared, but she did it and, well didnt seem to enjoy it but was happy with the accomplishment. I was fourth and itching to get going! I dont know why my nerves desserted me but they did and i ended up sort of skippin to the jump point. 5,4,3,2,1.....WOOOO HOOO! I jumped and it was unreal! I had also opted for a water touch which the others hadnt so at the bottom the top half of my body was submerged in water! It was incredible! There wasnt much time to relaise what was happening on the way down but the sensation of throwing yourself off a platform into nothing was unreal!

We were all on a high, and i was a lot wet, when we walked back down to the shopto watch our DVD's and collect our free jump t shirts which are actually quite nice. I wasnt going to buy a DVD but what with me doing a water touch i decided to get one. The others just got pictures which are really good and which i ended up getting anyway because whe the woman handed me my certificate, t shirt and DVD she accidentally handed me my picture pack as well! Woo! we got a lift back to the Museum with the bus and went back to the hostel.

When we spoke to Anthea about our car park she let slip that she got us a ticket because she was 2 minutes late! She basically refused to let us pay but accidentally said how much it was....only $ we left the money for her. She comes from Hamilton so also gave us some tips on where to go.

After leaving the hostel we drove over the Harbour bridge just to say we had done it after the nump and then started the hour drive to Hamilton. it was supposed to be an hour but ended up more like 2 thanks to some stop offs. The first one, in Pokena, was recommended  by ice cream place which is great and you get loads. You really do! We got a double cone, with four scoops for just $3, so we ate those in the sunshine and got back on the road. We were drving for a while when we spooted a 'Candy Land' signpost and Michaela really wanted to go so we did. It was rubbish, just one big sweet shop but we got some funy photos, briefly drove off on whitey and drove off again.

Shortly after we reached New Zealand's largest inland city and Dan gave us the tour. I really understand now why everyone was so surprised when we told them we were going to Hamilton, and why Dan says he finds it so hard to fill his days! there really is not much to do at all! At his flat we met his 2 Irish flat mates, Ted and Doc, chatted and then decided to go and play Crazy Mini Gold as Mikay called it. It was very windy but fun all the same. Dan ended up beating me and Ted by 2 shots and i honestly dont know how. He got very lucky on some holes, just as Whitey got incredibly unlucky. Basically everything that could go wrong for him did and he didnt come out with a flattering score. The Irish guys went to pick up some free tickets for the match tomorrow between New Zealand and Sri Lanka, we delcined because we had to leave early, and the rest of us went to get some food.

We ended up and a restaurant in Hamilton called Lone Star which did a lot of meat and was very nice. We also ended up sittin at the next table to a few of the Sri Lankan one day team and the New Zealand coach. The meal was great especially as we were all so hungry, and i ended up having a towering plate of ribs, Whitey's crackling off his Hog and the remains of dans steak that he couldnt eat! I was famished! We then headed agian back to Dan's flat. where i had to turn round again as i had left my jacket at the restaurant. Eventually we were back and settling in as we were all very tired. After watching some TV we went to bed. Michaela had her sleeping bag in Dans room but Whitey and i forgot ours!!! So i ended up sleeping on the floor on the 2 coach cushions and Whitey across 2 wooden kitchen chairs and a squichy chair. both of us ended up there after experimenting a few different postions. Whitey looked so uncomfortable that when the Irish guys came back from the internet cafe they actually woke him up....but there weren't too many other options! was very busy but it was good and i am really looking forward to going to the Spa tomorrow.


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photo by: Koralifix