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Last nights sleep was a horrible one.....i woke at 1am to find that i was wide awake and feeling better than i had in days. I could not sleep at al land so ended up listening to Ricky Gervais' hilarious Chrsitmas podcast. I eventually got to sleep at around 3am but woke at 9am to find that i felt as bad as ever.

I got up and went on the internet and then Whitey made us cheese on toast for breakfast. After we had eaten Michaela went to get her haircut and Whitey and I walked all the way down to by the water front to the supermarket.

On our return we were really quite bored but decided to go and book our Bungy Jump off the Auckland Harbour bridge and so we did....we will be throwing ourselves off the 'jump pod' at 11:30am on Monday and Dan will be joining us.

Whitey and I then played some cricket in the canteen whilst Mikay slept and then we made ourselves dinner of beans and meatballs on taost. I was feeling a lot better by this time especially with the propsect of the most interesting event so far in New Zealand to come.....We headed to the tattoo parlour.

Mum dont worry, it wasnt for me, and Mary dont worry either, it wasnt for Andy....Yes that's right it was because MIchaela was getting a tattoo!!! She decided that she wanted five stard on the side of her foot, in the arrangement of the Southern Cross (the stars in the Aussie flag) but the artists persuaded her having it on her foot was a bad idea because it takes around 3 months to she had it on the back of her neck. She sat through 25 very painful mintues ( i should know she was squashing my fingers) until it was all over and she was left with a decent final result. She was happy, which is a good job seen as there's no going back, which i think she only realised literally half way through...'This is permanent isn't it!'

She was given instructions about how to look after it, she got a cup of ice from McDonalds for it and we headed back to the flat to play another long session of corridor cricket. I hit the record innings score of 45, maybe i should have played this year....

Tonight we all went and watched a movie in the film room, somethign with Chandler in and it might have been called 'Everybody thinks I'm Gay.' I dont know but it was quite good and something to do... Half way through Mr A J White got a call to reception....he had just left his flip flops and wallet with all his money and cards i nthe hallway downstairs! What did he think he had on his feet?! He literally forgets EVERYTHING!!

I wasnt feeling as bad today but still not great. Hopefully with a good nights sleep before Dan comes tomorrow i will feel right for inter hostel five a side footy.

Pictures of my record innings and the tattoo are on facebook now.

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photo by: Fulla