Day 64, Burnout.....

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This morning i woke up probably the latest iu have in the whole trip....1pm, and that was because Mary rang AGAIN! Sorry Mary but it's true. I was eventually forced uop and out when Whitey cooked us breakfast. Considering how eager he was that he would do it I really thought that it would be the best breakfast i have ever tasted. It wasnt. We really appreciated it but i've never seen so much burnt food.

After brunch we washed up and then tried to sort the rest of our time here out. I went down and ended up sleeping agian because i really dont feel well. For 2 months now i have had late nights and early monrings, doing fantastic things but with few breaks and i think it has caught up with me. Either through exhaustion or just generally being ill i have no been forced into relaxation and i dont like it. I feel terrbile and its very annoying. The others upstairs spoke to the travel agents and sorted out what we are doing for the next 10 days. There was a hiccup when we coulnt book the car for when we wanted so everything was shifted around and it has no actually worked out better because it means i can relax for the first few days and try to get better. We have quite a few exciting plans ahead which you will find out in due course, but not too much. New Zealand will hopefully be relaxing.

After watching the Ashes in the TV room, which we are losing again, we headed downstairs and ended up playing 'corridor cricket.' It was so much fun and we ended up playing for about 2 hours. We worried we would be told to stop but the staff actually gave us a big bin we could use as a wicket! I enjoyed it and it will be even better when we get more people involved and when Dan comes to stay on Sunday. Whitey wasnt very good....Well he was but he just got beaten by Michaela a few times.

We were all quite hungry then so we got some food and then headed back to the hostel. I am still feeling really quite ill so am going to get a good sleep and relax again tomorrow so hopefully will start feeling better for the weekend.

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photo by: Fulla