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This morning was very sad. After getting up at about half 5am and finishing tidying the room, it was time to wave goodbye to Margaret and Rosemary when our taxi came. It was very sad and i almost had a little cry i have to be honest. Leaving those people was hard enough but the propsect of saying goodbye to Oz was even harder. Surprisingly, they both seemed more convinced that we will be back in June that we are!

We were tired at the airport and slept until out flight was called. I was incredibly hot....mainly because it was the first time i had to travel with my fliipin' North Face coat and had to wear it at some stages. WOW it was warm.

On arrival in New Zealand we had a bit of trouble. First of all it took us aaaaages to get through Customs as the officer who served us was a Jobsworth and demanded to ask so many questions, know exact details and see our tickets again and again.

Then, when we collected our bags Whitey discovered his had ripped, or come away at the seam. We reprted it but 2 very very rude members of staff said that they were not liable as the bag was 28kgs and the allowance is only 23kg. We can take on 32kg but apparently not charged for this. Mine had a small rip as well for he grudgingly had to admit liability for because mine was only 21kg. HA. Although i have no idea when i can get it fixed as i would have to remove all my stuff and cannot put it anywhere! Never mind.

We finally got a shuttle to our Hostel, Auckland Central Backpackers, and its very impressive. Its huge but they offer so many services and loads of discounts of events. We settled in and went to the poshest McDonalds i have ever seen as none of us had eaten basically all day. After this i slept at the hostel because i was so tired and my throat is really hurting. We have spoken to Dan and now i am really looking forward to this time in New Zealand.


I also have a new phone number, a temprary Kiwi sim i have rented for whilst i am here because my aussie sim doesnt work anymore. My English one does but not my aussie one so if you have msg'd that recently i wont have got it! My new number is.... +6421461219.

There are also the final pictures from Sydney on my facebook now for you to enjoy.

simonas says:
Hi guys
Got ur new number. Hope the switch went smoothly (excepting the airport) and your now settled in N Zealand. How does it compare with Oz ? Keep in touch. New bags required eh, hope urs is repairable !! Dad x
Posted on: Jan 04, 2007
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photo by: Fulla