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This morning i was woken up at around 8 am by Whitey saying Happy Birthday louder and louder at me as he was so excited. I woke up to a bed filled with balloons and Happy Birthday banners all around the flat. It was special. The guys then gave me their presents which i had resisted opening earlier, despite Michaela's attempts to persuade me to open them early. She gets so excited i doubt she ever opens presents on the days she's supposed to. Mikay and Whitey got me great presents which was so kind of them and they shouldnt have really.....not that im complaining. I got a big bottle of Jack Daniels and a Jack Daniel key ring, a set of Jack Daniel's glasses and measuring devices, a large bar of Top Deck, a t-shirt from roger David which i wanted to get in Melbourne but couldnt really afford and the Tiger Woods 07 PSP game. It was great. Then, after speaking to the whole family, who were all arguing about Hussein at the other end, we went back to sleep redy for tonight. When i woke, Rosemary told us that Marg wouldnt be home until later if at all because she needed more x-rays and we all started to pack. Whitey and i needed extra bags for check in baggage and so left Michaela and went into the city. We got the train and discussed whether Whitey had decided to come back to Melbourne if Michaela and i do in June at length but he hasnt. In the city we bought some cheap sports bags and then headed to the post office to see how much sending some things home by boat would be. It wasnt too expensive but takes 3 months and it gets battered which means i wouldnt have presents for people until 3 weeks after i get back which i could deal with if i had to and isnt the end of the world but i think i can fit everything in. After we got a McDonalds and had the best nuggets i've ever tasted, we were walking back towards the train station and met Gianfranco Zola!!! We were going to get a picture but i forgot my camera!! Dam it! On the way home we discussed how much we would love to come back here and work and live in the summer and how much of a great time Australia has been. I will be very sad to leave tomorrow. The time seems to have flown by and it certainly does not seem that we have been here for 5 weeks! I just didnt believe that but we actually have. We have had so much fun and learned so many things, like the lingo.... Sick Bro= Boss lad, Thongs= flip flops, Bashed = battered (even newsreaders say that), ...and loads more! I really hope we come back here. The last few days have been quite interesting as my card stopped giving me money on New Years Eve, It was worrying and im a bit confused as it suddenly started working again today which is actually more scary....If it had stopped because i hadnt notified the bank that i was travelling then it would not have started working the only thing i can think of is that i had absolutely no money left and Mum has just deposited some and therefore i can get more out! Uh oh! We'll see....

Back at the flat we relaxed a little more and then spoke to Margaret who had returned home at last. SHe has to wear a massive barce for six weeks and it was already annoying her hugely. Rosemary made us dinner of a gorgeous joint and we all sat down in the house. It was a really nice meal and the 6 us of us chatted and joked for ages....Betty was on fire and was hilarious...'Me and Michaela had a screaming match outside!!'

After dinner the guys surprised me by bringing out a birthday cake and they all sang to me...Even though we couldnt go to Doyle's because of Margaret's back i really really enjjoyed my birthday meal, maybe even more than i would have at a restaurant. Whitey reminded me we should maybe get going if we wanted a few drinks in the city but i as in no rush....enjoying sitting at the table with everyone. Eventually, it got too late for Betty and we decided to head off. Rosemary gave us a lift to Strathfield and we went into Sydney for the last time and to Scruffy Murphy's. The bar and then basement club had a great atmosphere and i loved my night.

Back at the flat we had to pack and tidy ready for the morning. I ended up speaking to Lauren McBride for about an hour on the Skype/webcam thing. It was boss to see/speak to her but meant i only got an hour and a half sleep....

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photo by: Sunflower300