Day 6

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This morning we had a lie in because the children at Mpondweni were 'sitting exams' until 10 so we went in after that. We borrowed some od Ed's tools to help us with fixing up the garden. It went amazingly well. The children helped us so much and even though we had slight doubts that it was possible...we had in all dug up in around 3 hours. We used the picks and the spades to break up the solid surface and the girls raked over the top. All of the children did just as much as we did. The teacher asked if we were going to use rocks in the flower bed or for the mintue 30 small children were walking back down the road carrying 2 big rocks at a time! It was fantastic but incredibly hot! It was certainly the hardest days work of my life but was extremely rewarding. We will go back in a couple of days to sow the seeds.

After Mpondweni we went to the pre-school at the farm for the first time. The kids are so cute! All black children and they speak a word of the lingo but they are just so affectionate and want to play all the time. They stay there all day..get washed and fed and they scream when they all get taken to their homes in the farm truck.

IN the evening we went to Winterton country club. Whitey played some touch rugby while Michaela and i walked down to the village to get some food....MIkay made small talk with prostitutes on the way...

After the rugby we had a few drinks in the clubhouse. 50P A DRINK!!! 50p per JD and Coke or per pint... So we had a few. PLayed a bit of matchboxand Mark, Ashley's friend who certinaly took a shine to Michaela, introduced us to 'coinage' A drinkingame where you bounce a coin into a cup and after 3 you can make up a rule....'MARK IS KING!'

After a few drinks the lads thought whitey was throing up outside...apparently he had just 'broken his flip flop'!!!!

Back at the farm MIkay 'broke her flip flop' in more than one way....Whitey ended up scooping sick from the blocked toilet! haha.

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