Day 58, Ashes to Ashes

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This morning i had a lie in because i really wasnt feeling very well. When we did get up, we caught the train to the city and went to Melbourne museum to see the Ashes exhibition. It was quite interestgin even though there was a bit of a line, but unfortunately we werent allowed to take pictures.

When we finished we had to quickly head back to Micks as we were playing gold at half 3. ON the train on the way home we found a tennis ball and so played train cricket with a bottle as a bat. We had an audience who loved us driving, bowling and appealing in such a small space...some even got involved. Mikay didnt want to come to the museum so decided to go into the city and do some shopping on her own.

We went to the golf club where we met Nick and played nine holes. I played the best game of gold i have played in a very long time, well apart from my short game. I had a birdie or par putt on every hole which was good and i won by a few shots. Unfortunately, Nick didnt have the same fortune and didnt do great. The amount of wild Kangaroos was amazing and they were so close. WHitey hit hius ball into a big group of them and had to carefully make his way in...It was great.

When we finished we said goodbye to Nick and went back to Mick's for a BBQ and then went into the city as MIck's band 'Drugs In Vegas' had a gig. Whilst he watched the other bands and set up, Mikay, Whitey and i met up with Dan. We couldnt find him for ages and were shouting 'DAn, Dan, Dan' really loud which annoyed one guy....'What are you saying? It sounds like Jan! That's my name and its annoying the hell out of me!' Well, sorry! We evetually found him and then went to an Italian for some food and drinks. We stayed there chatting and laughing for absolutely ages it was so much fun. Whitey was in a particularly foolish food....Making himself look a little foolish in front of the waitress when she pointed at the menu and then waved a bottle of cascade at her asking for another 'castle' beer.

After the restaurant we met HEath, KAte, AManda, Loren, Erin and Dean and went to The HArd Rock Cafe for some more drinks. That was fun as well until we had to say some final goodbyes (for now) to some of the guys. Whitey had to say an emotional farewell to Loren with Dean, her boyfriend, there the whole time. It wasnt easy after he got on really quite well with her during the week. The rest of us walked through town for a while and i got on really well with Amanda. It was sad because we knew we all had to say goodbye to each other soon. Finally, after looking at the huge christmas tree, we arrived at the train station where Dean, Erin and AManda were leaving and so had to say goodbye. I was sad.

We got a taxi to drop Dan off at his hotel and sang really loud love songs at WHitey about him and Loren the whole way....the taxi driver was freaked out. We then got dropped at the venue of Mick;s gig after missing seeing him play. His dad brought us home and now we are watching 'OUt Cold' at 2.30am as we have to leave for the airport at 3am so there is no point in sleeping!

I will be very sad to leave Melbourne as had so much fun! Had a few drinks every single night, done some great things and made great friends! Hopefully we will all see each other again in June!

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photo by: jendara