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This morning i was actually very tired despite a good nights sleep. Again we were up and caught the train to the criket at the MCG. I again like yesterday played the bowling game where i bowled five balls at the wickets and had to hit 3 out of 5 to win a 3 mobile cap... i did it!!!

The cricket was quite entertaining and the remaining Aussie wickets fell quickly in the morning. I wasnt looking forward to England batting as much as bowling because there are less chances to properly get excited, but it was still good. England got battered and ended up losing but am happier that happened than 2 of our batsmen just defending all day because there was more action. We got to see Warne bowl but unfortunately Pietersen got out for 1. I was looking forward to watching him but he never looked like getting any more. We met Tim at lunch because he works at the MCG. Mikay got a little bored and started showing her lack of cricket knowledge....'Does each person have their own bat or do they share?' There were many more like that.

Whitey and i left before the end because we desperately needed some things from the city and we may not have time at all in OZ now before we go and the girls left just after because we were going to Amanda's for dinner.

In the city I bought a Country Road bag for extra luggage and then got some Jack and Coke cans which we drank on the way home and at the station waiting for a taxi which took forever to come. We ended up listening to Liverpool songs on the train and then dancing to Irish songs in the street. We also met a drunk man who invited us to a soccer game....we didnt exchange numbers though.

Erin and Mikay ewre now already at Amanda's who had made us chicken and rice for dinner, which we had with the whole family. It was very nice. After dinner i went to look for Kangaroos again and then ended up throwing Amanda in the dam! She got very wet and then i decided to get in voluntarily with her. The others watched and eventually Whitey got in. The soil underfoot was really soft and weird but the water was warm and it was fun. We had a laugh and i got on really well with Amanda again after not seeing her for a week. After a while Anna ended up taking us home and Amanda came with us so that she could get her Christmas presents off me.

We relaxed at home at said goodbye to Phiilip as he is leaving for the country early in the morning and then we watched Old school before going to bed. Im feeling quite ill again after not being too bad for a few days.

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photo by: jendara