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This morning was another early start....we left for Strathfield station at around 6.30am at jumoed on yet another train to Melbourne. The journey wasnt too bad because for a lot we had 3 seats to ourselves, and got some sleep but it wasnt necessary as it was a day train. However, that did mean that time went slowly and when i had finished all i thought i had to do, write Amanda a letter, listen to some albums and watch Alan Patridge on my ipod, there was 7 hours left!!!! Eventually we arrived again in Southern Cross, Melbourne just 2 days after we left. At the station i met Paul, one of the men who my Dad sold some of our copius amounts of Ashes tickets to, who told me the score....i wasnt happy. England were all out for only 160, which meant i had missed Warney's 700th wicket. I was hoping Oz would bat first so i could see him get that the next day. Now who knows whether i'll see him bowl at all!

We then got a train to Greensborough where Mick McKay was waiting for us to cram all of our bags in his car. Whitey and i settled in to our room upstairs while Mikay had a room down. We didnt have long until Phillip, MIck's 22 year old brother, took us out. We went to a bar called Cheers first with 2 floors, 4 rooms and a policy that if you flip a coin and guess right at the bar then your drinks are free!! UNfortunately, we stood in line for literally 50 minutes, just to be told at the very front that it was wouldn't believe how much of a 'movie moment' it was after waiting so long just to be turned away. On the brightside, that line was where we met up with Daniel Jackon for the first time in 4 months!! He is in Melbourne for the cricket as well so we arranged to meet up. It was great to see him again and exchange stories.

We headed then instead to a bar up the road which was quieter but fun. We sat outside and chatted for ages and then played pool inside when the beer garden shut. We played doubles and then some random tiny Chinese guy forced Whitey into a game. I then bought a bottle of champagne for us to enjoy (nothing expensive_ as the clock struck 12 midnight at Dan turned 19! It was such a good night and from there we headed into the city and to another club which was really good. In between we stopped at a pizza place where we saw on the menu 'Coke and Shit!' Sorry for the language but that was an actual item on the menu that you could buy....random.

We got more drinks in this new bar, started a dancing circle again with random people as we did with Lamo in Sydney (it wasnt as good this time) and then headed off. I have to admit i cannot remember anything after leaving the club. Apparently there was lots of Irish dancing and singing and some lying down on the floor with Dan lying on top of me whilst we got a picture with a man passed out in the street. Later on there was also some 'me swinging drunkly at Mick's brother Phil' and then in bed there was some of my habitual completely drunk sleep walking, sleep talking and sleep losing the control of my bodily functions....  Sorry mum.

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photo by: jendara