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What a Christmas Day! After yesterday and the train journey we were still pretty tired so we actually slept in....on Christmas! I never sleep in on christmas! I was woken up about 10am when my Nan rang to speak to me, which was her Christmas Eve and it was nice to speak to her. Then i rang my mum for the same. We gave each other our presents.....Michaela got Whitey some badly needed new boxers, some new thongs (thats flip flops) and a new deoderant and she got me some speakers for my ipod, a beach ball, some ankle socks (after whitey has actually robbed all of mine) and a Jack and coke in a bottle. Whitey and i bought Michaela some white gold diamond earrings. I bought Whitey a new fashionable t shirt ( a man CAN have enough nike t shirts) and he got me a Kanye West Life Story DVD and a small afl ball for the beach. It was really exciting, especially when we put christmas songs on the speakers. Margaret made us a picnic of shrimps and traditional Aussie Christmas food to take to the beach and we headed off. At the train station we met some random backpackers who were also heading to Bondi Beach. We got talking because one was wearing a Liverpool shirt so i sang Ring Of Fire form a distance and they came over...they were Irish along with hundreds of other people at the beach. Anyway they were with 2 girls and there is a story in itself. In South Africa we travelled for five hours on a Baz Bus from remote Kwa Zulu Natal to Jo'Burg and i was very tired because i had just had an operation. Anyway, there were 2 girls behind us who we noticed but never really spoke to because i was so ill.....the 2 girls with the Irish lads said to me... 'Where you in South Africa.....You broke your hand?!' I though hold on a minute....what's going on here! Those 2 girls at the station were the same 2 girls from the bus in South Africa! How small is the world!!! We were talking and we were gutted when we got split up at Bondi Junction because we all planned to stay together....never mind. The beach was packed. We had to stay on the grassy area just above the beach at first because i had some cans of Jack and coke and Mikay had some of Malibu and coke but bags were being searched and you weren't allowed them on the beach. So we drank them om the grass whilst Whitey and i played with my new ball. It was good, and i was made up with the weather seen as rain was forecast but there was not a cloud in the sky. It was hot and i even got a bit burnt. We then met up with Michaela's friend Ruth and her friends Marissa and Angela. They were also with some other people but they didnt talk much. We all went on to the beach and Whitey and i ran straight into the water to 'play.' The water was so warm and teh waves were massive. There was literally thousands of backpackers on the beach...everybody who doesnt have anywhere to go for Christmas in Australia goes to Bondi and it was great. After eating shrimps on the beach we left and got the train home. Back at the house, Margaret had a proper traditional English Christmas dinner ready for us and it was delicious. We then sat at the table and opened presents from all of our familes. It was really nice although i was a little upset because even though the package my mum sent with thongs (joke presents) and other gifts for Whitey and Mikay arrived, the package for me did not. I am a little worried because the other package apparently arrived early last week but we shall wait and see....Nothing can be done and it wasn't anybody's fault so never mind. When we finished with the presents all the families began to ring to exchange Christmas wishes. It went on for a loooong time but we were all really glad to speak to people at home who we all miss so much, especially now. I am just thankful that we are somewhere hot so Christmas doesnt really feel completely like Christmas, otherwise we would REALLY REALLY be missing everybody. Whilst the phone calls came in, Margaret, Rosemary, Betty and us sat and looked at all of our trip photos on the television. It was a lot of fun and was a great day! One final thing, Grampy if you are reading then i hope you feel better soon, i hear for the first time in as long as i can remember you didnt make your trip to our house on Christmas eve so hope you are ok. x Speaking of photos, for the first time every single photo i have taken on this trip is on the internet for all to see as i have found that there is no limit on Facebook. However, you need a facebook account to be able to view them. NEVER FEAR! I have taken the liberty of doing the legwork for you and have set up an account so that you can all look at the pictures. Thank me by showering me with gifts.... The following details are all you will need when you log on to .... Password.......liverpool1 Once logged in, click on 'my profile' on the left handside, then in the my friends section on the left you will see my name and on it. Then on the left handside further down on my profile you will see 'my photos' or 'my albums' or 'view michael's pictures' something like that so click on that and there you have it. That really does sound complicated but it isnt and once you see for yourself it will be easy. Any questions, then email me or ask your son/daughter to get me to explain in even simpler terms......Enjoy.
simonas says:
What a day you all seem to have had !! Let us know how u enjoyed the cricket at Melbourne once you get there of course. England had a bad Day 1 but you never know, we play well at Melbourne usually !! LOL Dad xx
Posted on: Dec 27, 2006
sooty1978 says:
Glad 2 see whitey's head is finally naked again however i was starting 2 lik his fake blondness lol. love you xx
Posted on: Dec 25, 2006
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