Day 51, Fight Night Friday

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I have never really been christmas shopping like i did today, and i never will again. It was chaos! First in the morning i went in Amanda's spa bath which was reall fun. After relaxing and watching the first five minutes of the hilarious, ' A Night At The Roxbury' we all headed to Greensborough and then split up to get each other thank you/christmas presents. It was so hard to think what to get everybody and to remeber everybody i should be buying for, so we were there pretty much all day. I ended up buying 'The Office' series one for Erin as she had never seen it and i think she would appreciate it, and we also bought a Liverpool Cap for Lucas, Lorens little brother, I bought a Body Shsop shower set for Anna and a bottle of Black Douglas Scotch for Danny to say thank you for having me. It was a packed da, and whilst we were shopping all the power and lights went off for about ten seconds....when they came back on i felt like my pearls should be was defintely a Scooby Doo moment. When Anna finished work in Beville's Jewellers, where she got us some discount for presents, she took us back to Amanda's where i had to pack my bags. I was to stay at Erin's tonight as Amanda had work this evening and tomroow morning very early so it made more sense. Im sad to have moved out. We dropped Amanda off at Diamond Creek Macca's where she got us some free food, and the headed to Blockbuster to rent Happy Gilmore and Without A Paddle. I really wanted to rent A Night At The Roxbury which i had started to watch in the morning with Amanda but couldnt finish...they wouldnt let me which i was quite annoyed about but then Michaela let slip it was because Amanda had bought it me as a present. Nice one Michaela! I was annoyed but at least the otehrs were doing a good job at keeping quiet! ha Back at the house, we started to watch Happy Gilmore but the power went off! It went off once but came back on staright away but that just teased us. 15 minutes later the power went off again and we thought it wouldnt be for long but it was....all night! When Erin's dad came home he joked about it all and suggested taking us somehwere, Whitey apparently found this hilarious for some reason and laughed at him then we all ended up crying with laughter at Whitey for laughing in his face for no reason. The he suggested that one of us take his car! He was told i had my license and i thought he was joking buthe wasnt. I was insured because it was a company car or something so i ended up driving it. Michaela wouldnt really not let me take it, she was very keen. So i drove it, an automatic, in a foreign country, in the pouring rain, at night...ah well. It was fun and we drove to some street where every single house tried to out compete the others with their Christmas lights it was great! We then picked Loren up from Erin's house when she got back from a family meal and she as hysterical. Apparently, Amanda kissed some boy a while after he broke up from his girlfriend but this girl is a psycho and rang Loren for Amanda's number, Loren thought it was somebody else and so foolishly gave it out and said where she works. We went staright down there and were joking because didnt think anything would actually happen but the girl turned up and told Amanda to go outside. She was on the phone but went ant then when she hung up the other girl literally flew at her at assaluted her. Straight away i jumped in the middle of Amanda and this 19 year old maniac who is apparently on drugs, and tried to break them up. I ended up taking the brunt as she scrathed the hell out of my face and pulled literally clumps of hair out of my head. I managed to get her off though and pulled her away. I cant believe she had such cheek and lack of respect to do all that, especially when Amanda's mum was there, When i let go and everyone had calmed down the girl punched me again which i just ignored because she was leaving, but Anna got her license plate and called the police. While we waited for them, huge pieces of her fell out my head, Amanda was sore and Loren was crying her eyes out after everyone had a go at her for being so stupid. The police took my details and they may contact me but this girl was just crazy and the scratches are killing me! I'd prefer to be punched! What a night. Back at Erin's we all re-told the story and recoverd before i updated my ipod and went to bed.
sooty1978 says:
Happy Gilmore= Best film everrrrr, I hope you realise and appreciate i created a new account jus 2 say dat lol. Have a great Christmas without me!!! :( miss you guys, love you x
Posted on: Dec 24, 2006
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