Day 50, Water Babies

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This morning Anna dropped us off at Greensborough so we could get some things and some drinks and then Amanda, Lana and i walked to Greensborough outdoor pools. So many people were there, all the regualrs again plus Nick a and it was great. We all just played in the pool while the hot sun shone down. A lot of us played volleyball over the flags over the pool with Erin's beach ball and it was a lot of fun, even when after the 'Meet The Parents' blood nose incident where i made Nick's nose bleed after smashing the ball at him. It was funny and it didnt hurt him, he just has a weak nose. We sunbathed. talked and swam all day and later on we went on the diving board,. I loved it and went on again and again because ive never been on one before but Whitey wasnt so comfortable so after one go he got the video camera out. The girls were hilarious just walking off the edge and i hurt mylsef trying to do an invertd somersault but slapping my face on the water... After we finished at the pool, Loren, Whitey, Amanda and i went for something to eat in Greensborough. We went to one place but it was too expensive for Mrs Tight Amanda so we had to make our excuses and leave. We ended up in a chinese which turned out to be quite nice. After dinner, the four of us and Erin and Michaela went to Amanda's and it was a lot of fun. Whitey and i stalked some kangaroos and then chase one up close so that it jumped the fence, it was amazing! We had some more drinks, (i have had a few drinks every night her in Melbourne its good) and then i headed down to the pier on Amanda's small dam in her garden. It was really nice to lie in the warm, drink and take in Australia. The stars were fantastically bright and i had some good chats with Michaela, Loren, whitey and Amanda at different times. Loren and i talked for a long time and then suddenly out of the corner of my eye i saw a reflection in the water in the dam and it was a kangaroo just feet awy from me, bouncing along the edge and drinking. It was so brilliant to see. Shortly after, everybody came racing down as one of the chairs had been completely bent out of place. It was very funy and Erin then gave me a piggy back up to the top where we all danced and chatted, I had such a good time tonight, we all did. Around half 12 the others got a raxi home and just Amanda and i were left. We litened to music for a while on the pier before heading inside to watch more tv.
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photo by: jendara