Day 5

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Day 5


Today was our first day working and we went to Mpondweni School, the school I visited on my trip last year. It was quite a cold day today.


I was in the Principals class….the only teacher who speaks both Zulu and English….which a class containing grades 4 and 5. At first I was told to invigilate whilst an exam was going on to ensure the children didn’t cheat…how are they supposed to cheat when the cannot understand the language they must answer in. The questions are all in English but they only speak Zulu…


We were told to speak as much English as possible. So just to begin with we drew with the children. I made them draw picture of their neighbours and the picture of me was NOT flattering.  After this, Michaela and I played a game witht the children to teach them their left and right in English. We taught them by saying the direction and then holding our hands out…They picked it up pretty quickly so we played a game Miss Hamilton used years ago in French. Everyone stood behind their chairs, I shouted out a direction at they must point the right way. If they got it wrong they must sit until we have a winner. We then introduced up and down. The children did really well but whether they will still understand in a few days….who knows.


Outside we played some running games where the children must do different actions depending on a number command, like 1=stand still, and then a game they really enjoyed where we ran around until I shouted a number and they must get in groups of that number!


At break time we played soccer with the ball that I brought and it was boss. The boys absolutely loved it and they are so full of energy! The girls played netball and did some little dance when their team scored.


The principal also showed us an area, which she wished could be cultivated and turned into a garden and vegetable patch for the children to look after. It would be something they would treasure but they haven’t been able to make it possible due to lack of know-how and a workforce but we are determined to make it happen while we are here.


Back at the farm, we finally met Mr and Mrs Pickard…the owners of the house. They are absolutely lovely, especially the wife who has made us feel so at home. After a dinner of macaroni cheese we all watched TV and chatted about Zimbabwe and England and just basically got to know each other. All their cats and dogs are back know and they are gorgeous. There are 7 dogs all together and 2 cats…one of which seems to love falling asleep on me. Michaela’s scared of dogs so that’s not great but I think she’s getting used to them now. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow….and I hope the weather is a bit better.

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