Day 49, Beach Boys

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Amanda said she's never had to try so hard as she did this morning to get anybody out of bed...and i was feeling pretty worse for wear but i got up in the endand had a bite of toast before Maria picked us up to tkae us 2 hours to the beach. Well, the jourey would have taken 2 hours if we didnt have to make 3 lengthy stops on the way. Why did we make 3 lengthy stops i hear you cry...Well Michaela also had a lot to drink the night before, but unlike me who cannot be sick even if i want to, she suffered very badly. Once at a service station, and twice by the side of the road we saw Michaela get out walk and then start running to the nearest hidden bush. We first went to Sorrento beach which was nice but a very thin beach. Iy was also quite windy. As soon as we arrived, i picked Loren up and threw her in which she wasnt too happy about but her clothes dried perfectly. Then Lucas and I, after playing footy, walked around to the small pier and ended up jumping was quite shallow. After a short time everyone decided to move to Rye Beach whihc was apparently much nicer, and it was, When we got there we ate the picnic Maria made us, and then on the big grassy area Lucas, Erin, Whitey and i played cricket, and our wicket was alongside another, that of a Mental Institutes day out (no jokes) which was fun because they liked to randomly take part in our game at different times. This second beach was much bigger but still very quiet, and the water was so warm! Also, not very far out there was a sand bar so after wlking waist high in water for a while the water got shallowed again at an island which had ankle deep water but was offshore. It was great to sit and play on, and Erin and I threw the ball to each other and dived in to catch it. Loren, Whitey, Michaela, Whitey and i then all walked up to the end of a very long pier and jumped it to the deep, crystal clear waters below. It was so much fun and we just kept diving and diving as Maria took photos. Back on the beach we played some more cricket and sunbathed before playing a game of hitting the ball in the air with the bat and diving on the sand to catch it. We went and relaxed on the sand island one more time, whilst Lucas searched for shells and fish before heading back in the car. Maria dropped us off in Greensborough at Lar Porchetta as about 30 people were going for a meal. All the now regulars were there like Jane Angel, Heah, Becca etc.... I had penne carbonara which Amanda picked all of the horrible onion out of because she was trying to get back in my good books after accidentally scratching me when i shook my wet hair at her on the beach. All of the others got a Maxi Taxi (a taxi to the maxi!!!) back to Jane Angel's for drinks etc but i headed back home with Amanda because it was the only time she could get a lift. In the end i was glad we did because it was a great night. Amanda and i walked down her field at the back of her house and watched some kangaroos, one was well bigger than me i couldnt believe it! Then, we sat on the hill and watched the most amazing sunset i have ever seen! Partly thanks to the smoke form the bush fires, the sun was so orange and so perfectly round it was amazing. After it had set i chased some kangaroos and we headed back up to the house where we had some Jack and coke's with Lana outside. We all talked loads and had a really good laugh, and it appears Lana has been looking through my case and she also heard me singing 'What is love' in the shower...Ha. It was on the radio i wasnt just singing it by the way... After dancing, laughing and generally having a great night we went back to my room to watch TV....Quizmania Australia! I couldnt believe they had that and we also watched some soccer....Barcalona in the World Club Championship Final, which they lost...Wooo Hooo! Amanda and i got on really really well tonight. Im having a lot of fun.
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photo by: jendara