Day 48

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This morning we went to the dentist for a check up for Amanda but we were only there for five minutes so i waited in the car with Lana. Then we headed to Greensborough Shopping Centre after Amanda bought me Macca's breakfast. Yes yes i have had a lot of McDonalds but its because they ALL work there so its free...and its not shameful to work there over here either. They had McCafe's and everything and the food tastes a lot better. After that we headed to Chapel Street where we met all the others, after i went to buy shoes with Amanda on Elizabeth street. This is the expensive shopping district of Melbourne so i dont really know why we ended up going there bcause i clearly cant afford to buy anything. I bought a very nice Ed Hardy t shirt because i couldnt help myself, and ended up trying on different sizes with Amanda for about half an hour. The shops were so nice i could have bought so much.....Michaela did. She came away barely being able to carry all the bags she had. We then went for a drink and something to eat at Frost Bites, a bar which sold alcoholic slush puppies. I tried one but didnt like it so just bought a corona. After a long and eventful day shopping we went back to Erin's to get ready for a night on the town. I wore my new t shirt and Rob, Lorens older brother, took us to a bar called 161 on Chapel Street, where we had been earlier. On the way we stopped to pick up one of his friends Michael, who followed us in his Lexus. The club was quiet at first but soon picked up. I wasnt sure about the dance music but it was actually really good after a while and i had a great night, oh and we also met an actual giant. I say met....i mean we marvelled at him from a distance as he was clearly at least a whole head taller than me! We did have a few drinks but after a while i started to feel incredibly dizzy and weird and i honestly think something was put in my drink. I dont know what but i had not had very much to drink and i felt very weird. I had to sit down and after a while it kind of passed so we danced. I spoke to Michael a lot becaus he really likes his football even though he is into Chelsea, and he is also coming to Liverpool next year so we exchanged numbers. We eventually left the club, rob and Michael were both driving and due to their regulations had not even touched a drop of alcohol, and we headed to 'the best pizza joint in town.' Unfortunately the journey was quite eventful Michaela was in the car behind with Michael and Rob saw in his mirror that he had been pulled over. Apparently he was doing 20km over the limit and because he was a new driver he lost his license for six months. He was devastated. At the pizza place everyone was so quiet and Michael looked as if he wanted to cry, understandably, but Micheala and I, having bought another Jack and coke, didnt really help. We meant well but we had drunk a little so were making useles suggestions like 'we'll just say it was me' which clearly just will have annoyed him and made him feel worse, It's safe to say we were overly sympathetic. I was asleep basically the whole way home but have since learned that in her drunken state Michaela elbowed Rob in the nose and made him bleed! How embarrasing, At home, Amanda once again was waiting up to let me in as i stumbled up thhe grassy hill to her house. i didnt feel great to be honest but we watched tv and got on really quite well, without arguing for once.
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photo by: jendara