Day 47, Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

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Obviously, the title for todays blog wrote itself. It was the day we went on the tour of Ramsay Street and met the cast of Neighbours!

We got dropped off at the train station at around 12 and Amanda got me 5 McDonalds burgers and 6 of charge because she works there! When we got into the city we met Lorens dad straight away because he took me to a shop, 'MIchael's' to buy a new camera. Whitey had been to about 6 shops around the city and they all said that the cost of fixing the camera would be so much that i should just buy a new one. The price of repair was actually almost the price of a new camera, plus it would have been sent away for 2 weeks and seen as i am travelling i would have no way of getting it back. So i have a new camera, and also the old one still so may be able to sell it or something, we'll see.

We then ran back to the tour operator shop to catch the big blue Neighbours tour bus which showed episodes of old while we travelled. First stop was Erinshborough High School and it was great. Its an actual;l school called Blackburn English school and there were actual children in it....weird. Then we headed to the T.V studios and saw Grease Monkeys and Carpenters Garage. It all seemed so small and as we were standing there taking pictures, a car pulled in and it was Paul Robinson!!!! After the studios we headed to Ramsay Street, actually called Pin Oak, and i was very surprised how small it is! There are actually only like 6 houses but they add a 2 before the house numbers on the tv to make there seem more. There is a security guard standing on the street 24/7! We had pictures with the street sign and the houses before getting back on the bus for our first 'Meet the Star!'

We eventually arrived in front of some old theatre and the star turned out to be Janelle Timmons...Whitey and Mikay had NO idea who she was but i loved it! So we got more pictures and autographs on our complimentary Neighbours postcard.

Next we were dropped off in the city. We got something to eat and then got the tram to the bar where we would have our Neighbours Extravanganza Night! We bought 2 extra tickets because the night was sold out but Erin and Loza wanted to come ( Amanda was working) and it actually worked which we didnt think it would. They arrived a short time after and we all took advantage of the free drink vouchers. Finally the stars arrived and put on their show....Toadie, Lyn Scully and Harold Bishop....All of them legends and hilariously funny in real life, making jokes and taking the mick out of the audience.

We then all sat down and waited for the stars to come to our tables which they did and we got lots of photos, well except Loren who had been naughty and got picked up before seeing any of them up close! It was great though...

AND THEN! HAROLD BISHOP SANG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! The guys must have said something and told him my name etc and he sang happy birthday to me...i was made up!

Finally at the end of the night we got the tram and then the train home and went back to Amanda's where she was waiting up to let me. I got a taxi back this time and managed to get home despite the Indian taxi driver refusing to follow my directions and tryin to send me bluetooth messages...

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photo by: jendara